Tube Amp Rec Sought.

My system consists of
Meitner CDSD
Meitner DCC 2
Linn Kilmaxx Solo Monoblocks
Kharma 2.3F
Shunyata Hydra-8

Thinking of experimenting with some tube amps which I do not have much experience with. Any suggestions that would be a good match to try out?
Tenor or another reasonably powerful OTL --e.g. atmasphere-- could be used to good effect. These are usually very expensive.
Not to sidetrack the question but, what's wrong with your Klimax?
Gregm, with the current business problems facing Tenor, I would stay away from buying new, although there might be some deals on the used market. Atma-sphere is very familiar with the Tenor circuitry, and will be able to service their amps in the future, should Tenor finally "vaporize".

Atma-sphere products are some of the best value items in the audio business, and certainly far less expensive than the Tenor amps.

The Kharmas are a perfect match for OTL amps! Depending on volume levels, and room dimensions, Henryhk, you might even be able to get by with the Atma-sphere M-60 monoblocks [60 w/p/c].
I second the Bat above and offer the CJ 17 ls 2 .
Good point, F-parrot particular issue on the Linns per se but as someone who has never owned tubes, and is constantly reminded about them by tube lovers, I want to see what they are like within my system. In other words, I am not on the upgrade mode necessarily and I am not investigating other solid state amps. But to a tube novice, the curiosity is heightened.