Tube Amp Quandary - Need Help

I'm in a quandary. Need tube amp advice. Developing a system to biamp some 3.5 way speakers using a tube amp for the tweets & mids and SS for the woofers. Will use a Marchand active Xover. The problem is there's nowhere to audition these amps in my area. Looking to purchase (used) either the MC2102, BAT VK75SE or VK60, and possibly the AES Sixpacks. I currently have a McIntosh C2200 preamp. Speakers are under development (Esotar 330D tweets, Skaaning Mids & Scan Speak woofers).
Has anyone compared the MC2102 with these BATs or the AES? Will be very grateful for your impressions and advice. I have extensively reviewed the archives. THANKS!
In my limited experience I have found tube amplifiers to sound vastly different when mated to different speakers of varying loads. For example my Jadis Orchestra Reference sounds excellant with my Harmon Kardon Sixtys or my Triangle Titus's, but absolutely blah with my Martin Logan SL3's. When mating amplifiers to speakers, you really do need to listen yourself, or, ask the designer what he or she might think of the match. . .They will know what they designed that particular amplifier to do. Sorry that I can't be more helpful.