Tube Amp & Preamp for ML Summits?

I have decided to buy a set of Summits and am looking for some suggestions for a tube amp & preamp. I have a Resolution Audio Opus 21 CD player. I listen to accoustic, jazz, classical and female vocals mostly. Once in a while I do like to listen at a fairly high listening level but nothing crazy. I would like a remote for the pre and the amp needs some power to drive the Summits to a higher level. I would like to stay under $6500 for the pair. Any suggestions?
Not exactly on point, but some suggestions that I have tried and like with the summits (but slightly over your budget):

Parasound JC-1's with Blue circle bc3000 mkII pre
Parasound JC-1's with CJ CT-5
Blue Circle 206 with Blue Circle bc3000 mkii
Blue Circle 204 with Blue Circle bc3000 mkii

The BC pre has a remote option, I do not have it on mine. The CJ has a remote. Both the BC 204 and 206 are hybrid amps. The JC-1's are ss but sound pretty sweet with the summits.

All were using APL modified Denon 3910 with Redbook.

Given the budget, I like the JC-1's for the summits, althouth not tube. You might try another CJ amp or one of the other tube Pre's out there in the 2k+ price range. You might try the Modwright or the Supratek Chardonay. Good luck.
I have not heard the Summits but am familiar the Martin Logan sound.
Summits have a powered sub. They xover @270hz.
You are in a biamped situation. You are using CD which has a higher output than phono. This means you can go for nuance over raw power.
I was just reading a review of the ASR Emitter on Audiogon which is available in Europe for a reasonable price.An integrated is a serious consideration. IMO preamp or linestage is not necessary for CD. You might also try the Rowland Research integrated. You might want to try some tube integrateds also.
My GNS modified ARC-SP14 and Moscode 401hr comes in at $7k which you might also want to consider. Mine is very neutral while others prefer a sweeter sound.
I talked to VTL about a ST-150. They stated they have tried that amp with the Summits and recomended something with more power. Unfortunatly the Summits dip to 0.7 ohms at times.
if you are willing to spend a bit more, you could consider the wolcott stereo amp. it has an interesting feature, a variable damping factor.

i heard the amp drive a pair of mg 3.6s .

you should have no problem with the summits.
The Wolcotts interest me but they don't come up used very often.
Definitely consider tubes- for some reason the Summits are bit easier on tubes than some of the other ML models (even our M-60 drives them). Tubes and ESLs are the tradition since the 1950s- its the right thing to do. Above all have fun!
I have been using the Wolcott mono Blocks for around 4 years or so with my Martin Logan Prodigy's. and wouldn't use anything else.
I think it would be a great match up if you find a pair
I see them come up for sale here every now and then for around 6000 used give or take a few$$.
Good luck
I will keep my eyes open for the Wolcotts. Atmasphere, have you tried your amps with the Summits? If so which model would get me to a higher listening level. As I stated VTL said their 150 watt ST-150 would work but not sound good at higher levels,
Hi Pal, some of our customers have reported very good results using the MA-1 with the Summits. Recently one of our dealers reported that an audition went very well with M-60s too. So my comments are based on customer reports, which jive with our other experiences with ESLs. I've not heard the new Summits yet but I'm looking forward to it- the reports are excellent.