tube amp, or SS,

I'm using a Belles350A ref, power amp, matched with joulet Electra 150Mkii preamp. sounds very good, but would like a more organic,liquid sound, thinking on going tube all the way, got my sight on a audio research,VT100mkii, what difference in sound would I get comparing the two? and would the joulet be a good match with the AR, amp, never auditioned an tube amp before, like any info before taking the plunge,thanks:"
what about your speaker ? how much "power" does it need ?

as long as an amplifier's input imdeance exceeds 50,000 ohms, you should be ok combining a tube amp with a tube preamp. there are other factors, such as tube preamp's output impedance and length of interconnect cables, but let's not get too complicated at this point.

taste is another factor. it would be a good idea to audition several tube amps, to establish power requirements and preferences for different sonic signatures.
I'm a tube guy who heard a Belles amp only once, but if I had to choose two words to describe the sound, they would be organic, liquid.
Need to know what your speakers are...

How much power do you need...

What type of music...

I know some audiofiles with 15W SET amp that are very impressive with minimonitors.