Tube amp on the IRS Beta

Hi there,

I want to buy a pair of ARC VT150se and I want to let them run with the IRS Beta''s on the high/mid's (tubes is what Arnie Nudell advices, are these the right one's ?)

now the Beta's high/mid's pannels go down to a 2.5 ohm sometimes, can the ARC VT150se handel that?? without any problem???? Yes! oke than... NO ?!? witch tube amp can??

Any feedback please....

THX very much

try VTL 300 or 450
I used ARC Classic 150s on my Betas. The 2 ohm impedance occurs at the very highest frequencies where little power is required. I also used a VT100 briefly with no problems.
Jim in Dallas.
VTL MB450's can't handle the Betas. I'm looking for a replacement.
Try the Audio Research M300 Mk II's (300 watt monoblocks). They are the amps Arnie Nudell built the Betas with and they are very reasonable used. I use them on my Betas and they work great
On my Infinity RS 1-B's I am using the ASL Hurricanes (HP version) on the top end. I am completely happy with these amps!!!

Thanks for all the feedback

The best tube amp I ever heard for the even bigger IRS was the Antique Sound Labs AQ1009DT. That was the new twin 845 output tube tower mono blocs. The effect on the Emims and Emits was magical. I wanted to buy the amps right then and there. TRELJA was with me and can tell you that it was the best he'd ever heard those speakers sound and he had heard them many times. Fabulous tone definition and soundstage. The woofers on the Betas are biamped as well aren't they. If not the external crossover will allow it, so that recommendation applies only to the panels, you'll need different solid state power for the woofer boxes.