Tube amp newbie- where can I learn??

Hey fellow audiophiles- I am just beginning to get into tube amps (having just acquired 4 of them!), and am looking for a book or online resource that will help explain the basics of how a tube amp works (i.e. what a capacitor does; how a transformer works; etc., etc.).

Keep in mind, I have absolutely NO background in electronics, and don't neccesarily want to be able to rebuild anything, I just want to understand the basic principles of tube amp design, and maybe be able to actually look inside my amps and understand what all the parts are, and what they do. Any ideas? Thanks all, and good listening!
VTL had a book, I think called the VTL Book (had their name in the title), which I believe may be what you're looking for. I think Audio Advisor had them in the past, worth giving them a call.
Visit AudioAsylum; Bottlehead forum. follow threads and links to construction of Foreplay pre-amp. buy the kit $150 and become a tube maven.
you may find some interesting stuff on this website. Good luck,
Sutts: Four tube amps? Come on, what did you pickup?
Thanks guys- I'l check it out.

Whassup Dekay? Alright, alright:
2 Golden Tube (completely modded) 7-watt 300B
2 Altec 1570B monoblocks (re-built and modded from ground up- not by ME of course!!) ~165 wpc in triode.

GTA's on highs; and Altecs on bass duty in a bi-amp setup with Coincident speakers.

Its gonna be fun...
Damn. who did the golden tubes? blume?
Hey Sutts, so you went out and did it. Good for you. Get hold of Jcbtubes. He mods all my tube amps and can give you an idea of what certain Caps, resistors, Etc will sound like. Congratulations! Which speakers did you go for? SE or TE. BTW, Jc is an EE among other things.
Kubla- check your e-mail- (let's discuss...)

Bruce- how are ya? Haven't decided on speakers yet. Unfortunately, the only room avaialable for the system right now is a tiny 8'x10' second bedroom, with furniture already in there! (gonna be a little tight...). Girlfriend & I are in smaller 2-bdm apartment, and main A/V system (Theta Dreadnaught 5-channel SS amp; 5 Totem Mani-2 speakers; and Sim Attraction Processor; etc.) dominates main room- so only second bdm left.

So, based on that restriction, Israel has recommended the Partial Eclipse for now ('cause Super's or Total's bass would probably overload a tiny room like that big time). But yes, Supers (with new Silk Dome-based tweeter), would be eventual solution given bigger room... How's your system these days?
Hi Sutts Congrats on your purchase. I have a all tube rig and would be interested on who modded your amps. I have a Anthem 1 that sounds great but.... Thanks
"Beginner's Guide to tube Audio" /"Tube Audio Design" (BKAA42) on-line at < Regards, Rute.
Rute1- thanks SO much- that sounds like a good resource, and I will definitely check it out!

South 43- They amps were rebuilt by Israel Blume of Coincident Speakers (in fact, they were the heart of his personal reference system, along with a rare Audion preamp and his Total Eclipse speakers). E-mail me if you want to talk about it.
The bible on tube basics is the RCA Tube Receiving Manual. These were published yearly and cover the basics of tube manufacture, mechanics, theory and implimentation. If you read one you will know more than 99% of the tube experts out there.
Thanks Viridian- guess I've got some reading to do!
Sutts: I just read your recent post (another thread) and you answered my question of where you found a combo of amps like this. The farthest I will ever get is to maybe add a single SS powered sub down the line. Good go.