Tube Amp Maintenance Tip...

Interesting maintenance tip story.....My C-J LP66S amp has been creating a 'variable volume sign wave' type hum in my speakers lately. The hum did not go away with warm up. I pulled the 4 power tubes and 3 signal tubes out of their sockets. I blew out each socket and pin with Can-O-Air. I also pulled the two fuses & blew out the holders /holes. Then I applied a very thin coating of Di-electric grease to each tube pin hole. Finally, I crossed the 4 power tubes (6550) left to right and just rotated one position each of the three signal tubes. Performed a re-bias once the amp powered up. No new parts involved, let's just call it a 'dusting & cleaning'. Long story short, issue resolved. Not sure what I did to correct the noise or why it even started. Perhaps a mote of dust in the wrong place? Moral: If your having some noise issues with your tube equipment perform some basic cleaning procedures prior to going into any type of panic mode. Hope this helps someone in the future!

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I guess I should check the sockets on my 1960 Fender Deluxe…they could be an issue someday.