TUBE AMP LOVERS - What SS amp makes you smile???

I'm looking for input from tube amp lovers that have switched from tube to solid state amplifiers and not looked back.

What tube amp did you move on from?

What SS amp provided the same level of musicality, keeping you smiling for the long-haul?

There are many, many solid state amps that gave me the same musicality and kept me smiling. Too many to list. There are some absolutely wonderful solid state amps out there and some absolutely wonderful tube amps out there. A good designer/engineer is a good designer/engineer.

This tube vs solid state bias/arguments is really not the issue.

Does the music reproduction in your system sound as really as you can get/afford? Is there any listening fatigue? Does something drive you away from listening?

Or are you just sitting there for hours, smiling and enjoying the sound? Some people are too much into equipment and not the actual sound.

The speakers are a big factor in this solid state vs tube debate also. Ability to drive accurately the speakers is very important.

So many factors. I know many people that have tried tube amps and can't seem to get the impact from them that they get from SS amps. So, there!!

I also, know many people that absolutely love tube amps sound. So there!!

I'll take either. pick a price point. Pick specific speakers. Find tube amps and solid state amps that are designed to accurately drive those speakers. Play your favorite, revealing music and go at it. That and only that is the fair test. One may still prefer one sound over another, but this is the only way to really judge. Oh and by the way, stop screwing around with biases and do the test blind.

enjoy the music and the long trip to get where you want to be.
I like my Odyssey Khartargo Mono Blocks, and my VTL ST 85 tube amp, they both sound good.
Electrocompaniet mono-blocks - have had 25 amps and like these very much.

Smooth, yet authoritative. No SS glare, no roll-off, no loose bass.