Tube Amp Kits does anyone still offer.

I was wondering if anyone has had any experience putting together a Tube Amp Kit. I have built my own regulated variable power supply with a schematic that I downloaded off the internet, I bought all of the parts at a local Radio Shack.The Store manager said that he had never seen anyone build something with parts from his store,asked me to bring it in when I was done. I did about 2 weeks later, he was amazed, and another customer there at that time offered to buy it. I have never had any schooling,all self taught, the project was a blast,How much more difficult could it be to assemble a complete kit that I don't even have to figure up the math on to decide what size caps & resistors to buy.If anyone out there knows if there are any companys still offering good hi quality kits I might consider that route.Thanks, Curt.
Glass Audio, P.O. Box 878 Peterborough, NH. 03457 (FAX 603-924-9467), offers a bi monthly publication that has a "do it yourself" project in every issue!! In addition, (I just looked, since you ask) and saw ad's for amplifier kits for the following manufacturers: (1) Welborne Labs @ (303) 470-6585, (2) Audio Electronic Supply @ (919) 460-6461 (3) Parts Connection @ (905) 829-5858 (4) Atma-Sphere @ (651) 690-2246 (5)Sun Audio @ (503) 644-6713, (6)Velleman @ (817) 284-7785. I am certain that there are others beyond these six, you could subscribe to Glass Audio and look for additional, or perhaps other Audiogon members can add to this list. Also, please note, that I am not suggesting that any of these kits are what you want or need, it is just a list to let you know that there are indeed options. Lots of luck on your quest for a amplifier kit!
I'd ask The Parts Connection (part of Sonic Frontiers). Get their 800 phone number at They may have kits, they certainly have low-price tube amps that are good value for money.
Antique Sound USA has quite a few kits available, ranging from $239.00 to $549.00. Check out Here is a sampling: Model A1 kit: 10watt tube rectified integrated amp, 1 6EA8, 2 EL84s, $239.00. Model A2 kit: 10 watt integrated 2 EL84s, push-pull config, $349.00. Model A4 kit: named best tube kit by Vacuum Tube Valley, issue 11, 30 watt push-pull integrated, 4 12AU7s, 4 EL34s, $549.00. Model K2003 kit, 4 watt single-ended integrated, extremely low noise, 1 12 AX7, 2 EL84s, $399.00. Welbourne Labs has some real nice kits too, but at much higher prices. You wouldn't want to tackle them without having any experience building other amps first, in case you screw up. I built a 30 watt push-pull design integrated from Antique Sound a couple years ago and am still using it with much satisfaction with some Legacy Audio Studio speakers (90 dB sensitivity). The amps came with very high parts quality, although the directions left something to be desired. They may have fixed that by now, however. I would suggest buying a copy of the assembly manual before committing, to see if you are in over your head. Have fun, and Happy Listening!
Try: fairly inexpensive and they have a grading scale depending on your skill level.
I'm surprised no one ever mentions Transcendant Sounds Bruce Rosenblit. Just visited his website,, got there from audio asylum. Pretty highly regarded on the asylum and he sells a pre-amp kit and publishes plans for a Stereophile class a otl amp.