Tube Amp Kits

Has anyone here built their own tube amp from a kit or schematic?

I just ordered a kit for a 16W stereo tube amp online. Its been a while since I built something and would like to get back into it. I have built small power supplies, amps and mixers in the past when I was still in school. Since then I have only soldered cables for my job.

Any good kits, or schematics out there you recommend?

After I put this one together I'd like to try my hand at something a bit more high end. The kit I ordered is a pretty low end piece with a PCB and cheapo parts.

I'd like to do something point to point with top quality parts.

very nice stuff
On the right of the page you'll see Triode Corp., 47 Labs, and Elekit kits.
I built the Elekit TU-879 and think it's a good amp for the money, excellent instructions.

Min sells some of his amps as an unassembled package with case. Minimal instructions, you'll need to point-to-point wire it up.
I built the WE 91A 2A3 SET and like it a lot.

Good luck, have fun
the place to browse:
All the folks there are into tubes and kits and DIY stuff.
Audio Note. I haven't built any of theirs, but they should be decent. Link.[]