Tube Amp Hum

I have a Golden Tube SE100 that seems to have alot of hum or buzz. I can hear it on quiet passages.I have a pair of VMPS Super Towers that are very efficient. Any solutions? Rich
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try floating a ground on a power cable to see if it's a ground loop hum. swap tubes side to side to see if it follows a partiuclar tube. Check the outputs with a multimeter to see if any DC is getting passed in somehow.

many possibilities, search the archives here and @

You don't mention if the hum is from the speakers or the amp. I had one of these on loan and the amp itself gave off a hum, not a transformer hum, but sort of like a hum from the tubes resonating (?), that could be heard from the listening position during quiet passages, after the amp had warmed up. Didn't try to solve the problem, just returned the amp.