Tube amp help-

hello all,

wondering if any of you have an idea what is going on with my amp...

the amp is a JC Verdier Audiobloc II.

it is popping fuses after I shut down the amp.

I can place in a new fuse, listen for the evening, then the next time I turn on the amp the fuse will be blown and I will have to install a new one to get the amp going again.

I have checked the following:

1. the bias is correct
2. the tubes are good, ive tried different sets of output tubes, and driver tubes and all have been tested via tube tester

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1. What is the output power of the amp?
2. What kind of tube amp is it(Push-Pull or SE)?
3. What rating of fuse you use?
4. When you power it up do you hear the popping noise from your speakers?
5. Is it so when it powers-down(assuming fuse stays OK)?
6. How loud you usually listen to music and how long with your current amp?
1. the power output is 20watts
2. the amp is a Push Pull
3. the fuse is a 250v t2a, or as the manual says, a 2amp slo-blow
4. the amp is silent upon powering up or down
5. not sure what you are asking
6. i do not listen that loud, the amp has been trouble free for over a year now.

I did speak to Nick Gowan at Tru-sound who has suggested over the phone that the type of fuse (there are 5 types), may be a factor....

I haven't had time to look into the different types, I had just bought a pack of 5 from a well known electronic parts place where I live...
5. i just re-read question your response #5, i think all is normal when i power is just when i try to re-power, the fuse has already blown....although I get no audible cues that something has occured.
Use a slow-blow type fuse. There mey be nothing wrong with your amp, Some amps with big power caps are using input relay to prevent fuse from blowing due to start-up current surge. If your amp doesn't have such relay it may have been designed to use a slow-blow fuse.
Just my 2c.
You may, in all probability, have a shorted rectifier tube. I would test or swap the rectifier before anything else. If it's not the rectifier or the wrong fuse type, then you may have to have it serviced (shorted power supply cap or output transformer).
Don't know if this will help but I was blowing fuses in my Almarro when I turned the amp on immediatley after turning it off. If I let the amp settle for 15 minutes or so, the fuse does not blow.
I'm no engineer but it's probably some kind of inductance problem.
Try turning off your amp with the source still playing so any power caps will drain.
After 15 minutes, remove the fuse to determine if it is melting after turn off or at turn on (probably a good idea to unplug amp from the wall).
This will, at least, give you more info if you decide to contact the mfgr.
Hope this helps...
thanks for all the help, i was able to power down last night and re-start my amp this morning w.o blowing a fuse.

last nite i purchased some Radio Shack type glass fuses which were in the amp in the 1st place. ( my local electronics store only had some Ceramic Littlefuses, which may have been slightly different, which i had been blowing)

so far so good...