Tube amp Friendly Speaker That Sounds like Klipsch Cornwall

Hi All, 

I am shopping for a tube friendly speaker after a long time with Magnepan 3.6's and then Thiel CS5i's.

I was able to spend a couple of hours with a broken-in pair of Klipsch Cornwall 4's. These were in a dedicated dealer space with corner bass traps and some treble absorption. They were driven by an all McIntosh setup (7200 Receiver and T500 CD player).

The Cornwalls were dynamic, and I loved the palpable sound of the 15 inch woofer. Loud rock in roll was great with them. However, I was less impressed at lower volume levels and finally decided they were not very detailed and a bit too much in my face, at least in that setup.

When I left that room, I wandered over to where some Magnepan 1.7i's were playing in a casually set up open space. I thought the Maggies were much more resolving than the Cornwalls and a lot more laid back.

Any suggestions on a tube friendly speaker with good sized woofers that is dynamic but with good weight and detail to the sound?

Thanks for listening,

spatial m3 sapphires

much more precise and revealing than cornwalls but has the slam and speed and palpability in spades - quite efficient too (but not as efficient as the klipsch's)

I sold my spatial audio X3s, which were mighty fine speakers, for a pair of Cornwall IVs. I disagree about how revealing these speakers are. The only two areas I can think of that the X3 pull ahead of the CW are refinement and bass extension, but the Cornwall is very good here as well.

Where the CW IV shines is immediacy, midrange palpability, and involvement. This speaker is far better in those regards than the spatial. I closed the bass gap by adding two sealed 15” subs:

Many people, and not saying this is you, conflate earlier Cornwall versions with the IV. They are very different animals.