Tube amp for Vandersteen Treo CT?

I am deciding between a hybrid amp (PS Audio BHK 250, Aesthetix Atlas) or a tube amp(Audio Research Ref75SE?) and hoping folks with experience can help if they found tube amps that drove the CT’s well. Front end is a PS Audio Directstream (no analog) and I can add a preamp down the road if needed but initially going direct from the dac. A good friend has an Audio Research 75se and is in love with the amp after owning it a long time but not sure it has enough power to drive them. Only caveat is I have young children with curious fingers so the tubes would need to be protected from hurting them. Other amp success stories are certainly welcome. Thank you in advance. Integrateds are also fine.

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I'm quite happy with my Pass XA30.8 being driven by the LTA MZ2 pre.  I worried that 30 wpc would not be enough, but Class A watts seem a little sturdier than my 150 wpc Hegel.  The Treo CT's are really wonderful speakers.

Don Ivey