Tube amp for Vandersteen Treo CT?

I am deciding between a hybrid amp (PS Audio BHK 250, Aesthetix Atlas) or a tube amp(Audio Research Ref75SE?) and hoping folks with experience can help if they found tube amps that drove the CT’s well. Front end is a PS Audio Directstream (no analog) and I can add a preamp down the road if needed but initially going direct from the dac. A good friend has an Audio Research 75se and is in love with the amp after owning it a long time but not sure it has enough power to drive them. Only caveat is I have young children with curious fingers so the tubes would need to be protected from hurting them. Other amp success stories are certainly welcome. Thank you in advance. Integrateds are also fine.
In my system (I have it posted here) the Aesthetix Atlas was better IMO than the Quicksilver V-4 amplifiers. Not a direct comparison I know.

One of the biggest improvements was bass control with the Atlas. It has also been flawless in operation. Only two small signal tubes so lower maintenance.
I also went from Quicksilver V-4’s to the Aesthetix Atlas and I think the Atlas is the finest amp I have ever heard with any Vandersteen speaker. In my case I was using Vandersteen Quatro’s not the Treo’s. Based on my experience I would go with the Atlas on the Treo’s. This is of course this is based on my listening priorities and YMMV. I would suggest listening yourself if that is possible. BTW, both the Quicksilver V-4’s and the new Mono 120’s sound great with the Treo’s. All of the Quickies are super reliable and easy to maintain if you really want to go with tubes. Good Luck!
I would contact John Rutan at Audioconnection.
He carries both brands as well as Vandies, and can give you great advice with no pressure.
I owned the Atlas amp with several other speakers and easily one of the finest amps I have owned.  Great balance of the greatest tube and SS strengths. 
+1 on contacting John Rutan. He carries all of the brands mentioned and will be able to give you great advice based on your requirements.
I'm quite happy with my Pass XA30.8 being driven by the LTA MZ2 pre.  I worried that 30 wpc would not be enough, but Class A watts seem a little sturdier than my 150 wpc Hegel.  The Treo CT's are really wonderful speakers.

Don Ivey
30 watts of pure class A power is not a trivial amount. I’d not be surprised if the Pass amplifier remains in the less than 30 watt range the vast majority of the listening sessions. This amplifier is capable of considerably more power beyond the class A power range.

In comparison to the Hegel amplifier I suspect the Pass has higher current output capability due to a stout and superior power supply. The Hegel despite its power ranting is probably a smaller/ lighter weight amplifier relative to the robustly built Pass Labs amplifier.
Here a review of PS Audio BHK 250 , where the reviewer used Vandersteen Treo CT