Tube Amp for Totem Hawks

Can anyone recommend a tube amp to drive the Hawks? They are rated at 6ohms and usually tube amps have either a 4 or 8 ohm rating?

Oh yeah, one more thing, my budget is less than 2k new or used.
It's a small stretch from your budget, but I've been very happy for the past few years with an Audio Research VS110 amp driving my Hawks.
The Jolida 302b works great with the Hawks. Consonance amps also work well.

You should be fine using the 4 ohm tap from whatever amp you choose with 6 ohm average rated speakers which will drop down below 6 ohm.
If you’re missing your EL 34 Jolida, like you mentioned in one of your previous posts, you really need to try the Music Reference RM10’s. Although most would probably disagree (they’ll tell you its not enough power), I’m running 2 RM10 MKII’s in mono block to drive my Mani’s. The sound is warm and sweet and the mid’s are to die for. I’ve never owned the Hawks, but I do own the Model 1’s and the Mites and the Rm10’s are a good match with both of them as well. The MkII’s can be had for a little over $1K ea. used (a little over your budget but well worth it). The MkI’s are well under $1K ea. used. You could also start with just one (in stereo) as I did and add another one as time and money permit if you need/want more power. You might also find that just one will do it, depending on how large your room is or how loud you play your music. With that thought in mind, one caveat though, if you do have a large room or play music very loud, a tube amp may not be the right choice, including Music Reference.
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I find the 8 ohm tap smoother than the 4 ohm tap on my VS110. To each there own, so make sure you try both for yourself!