tube amp for Thiel 6's?

i just picked up a pair of thiel CS6's and am considering going fully tube. I'm currently using a Conrad Johnson MF2300 amp matched with their PV12 preamp. Any suggestions about a suitable tube amp for the Thiels would be greatly appreciated. Would also be curious for thoughts on how any recommendations would mate with the PV12 or whether i should consider replacing the preamp at the same time. I'm currently using a Meridian 506 20 cd player but that will be upgraded as well (probably to the new Electrcompaniet 24/192).
Several years ago there was a review of the Theil 6's in the now defunct Fi Magazine. As I recall the reviewer expressed the opinion that the Theil 6's were an exceptional match math with the Sonic 3 Power amps.

E-mail me your FAX number if you like and I'll FAX you the article. I'm sure I have it around somewhere.

As far as the PV12 is concerned I think the Sonic has both balanced and RCA input while all CJ stuff is RCA only. If it were me I'd switch to a balanced preamp in part because I suspect that if you run the RCA input into the Sonic, the Sonic will run the signal to an active device in order to convert the RCA signal into balanced operation. I would avoid the active device if I could and go balanced out of a balanced preamp. I like the BAT gear. I use BAT 150SE's and BAT 50 SE preamp. In your system I thimnk using a BAT 5 or a BAT 3 preamp would mate well with the Sonic 3 as well as add some warmth to your system.

I once heard the 6´s with the big VAC monoblocks. (and the top of the line VAC pre)
I was stunned by the performance, excellent bass.