Tube amp for talon Firehawk

just bought a pair of firehawk's with the diamond tweeters (94db's @ 8ohm)- any suggestions for a good tube amp- I was thinking of the Tenor 75w OTL??any suggestions would be aprreciated- thanks,gary
The older Tenors were weak on the bottom end. I don't think you'll find the bass very satisfying with the Firehawks and that amp. The newer Tenors are much better--but the $$--wow. I'm using the new VAC 160 musicbloc on my Firebirds. The newest version is really incredible--probably the best bass I've heard out of a tube amp that wasn't mega power.
Rives- would it be better off getting the vac 300.1 or is it not necessary- do you like the matching vac pre?? thanks
The 300.1 is great, but the 160s are so good. My money went to the 160s. The matching pre is excellent and would highly recommend it as well. I do not own it but have used it at a show.
I heard the Rives room at RMAF with the VAC integrated and Hawks, sound was very very impressive. I have always admired VAC gear, again it is just a matter of cost as they don't make anything lower priced...
Bgordon, the Talons have always been tube friendly so you have a wide range of amplifiers that will be suitable. I was not previously aware that the 'old' Tenors had a reputation fow weak bass, but if that is so its a fact that that is not the case for all OTLs.

But I think if you were to poll Tenor owners, you would find that they don't think the bass is all that weak. Tube amplifiers are very capable of good bass, but its important to experience that on a speaker suitable for the amp (I can think of some cases where transistor amps will have weak bass for the same reason). In this case the Talons should be a good example of a good load for a tube amplifier.
Atmasphere brings up a good point about loads. The Talon's are typically 6 Ohm nominal, with a minimum of 4 ohms and a maximum usually just above 12 ohms. Very flat impedence curve--which does make them very tube friendly. I have not used the atma-sphere's with Talons, but I do know they have worked well for many clients and a variety of speakers.