Tube amp for Spendor S3/5 SE

Recently acquired a pair of Spendor S3/5 SE from a Audiogon member. I am an audio enthusiast and mostly listens to Vocals at low to moderate volume. I never tried Tubes and really want to try them. Could you guys recommend me a tube amp in ~$1000 range. Because of easy biasing, i thought of trying Primaluna Prologue One, but i am afraid it will be underpowered for Spendors.
Jadis Orchestra Reference - a very sweet sounding integrated amp, especially for vocals and if you like the live feel with lots of atmosphere!!!! I have used this integrated amp before with Spendor LS3/5a. I currently use Jadis DA-50 Signature integrated amp for my Rogers LS3/5a, and nothing could be sweeter than this combo for mids and vocals!
Great speakers,I have the 3/5r's with Quick Silver 50 watt amps and the combo is great,try to find the mid mono's they have plenty of power and vocals are to die for. What preamp are you using?
Surprisingly I had excellent results with an Audio Note P2 SE amp (18 wpc) with S3/5 speakers. You don't necessarily need a lot of power with those speakers providing you are not trying to fill a large room.
Avguy and Yogiboy..thanks for the responses. Seems Jadis amps are out of my budget range! I dont have a pre-amp and i am looking for integrated only. Earlier i had nad c325bee and Yamaha streo receiver(i use this with my Usher speakers). I sold my nad amp and planning to buy a tube one. Seems Quicksilver used ones are in my price range. room is 19ftX11ft(with a 10ftX9ft extn to the side...actually L shaped room). So i think its a small room.

And also to be more specific about music i listen to - its mostly male/female Vocals, violin and flute and artists like Bob Dylan and Clapton etc.
Using the Prima Luna Prologue 2 with Spendor A1's. No problem driving them at all.

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I'm using an Audiomat Solfege Reference integrated. Great combo.
Rich...i think your SA1's are similar to S3/5's. What kind of music you listen to on SA1+Primaluna combination?

Fsardon...are you using Audiomat Solfege with Spendor S3/5's? I will try to read more on this amp.
for around $1000 or less, why don't you conside chinese tube amp,, it is easy to buy and worth the value,,
I listen to a fairly wide range of music ... opera, americana, rock, mostly music with vocals. Think Placido Domingo to Johnny Cash to Bob Dylan to U2. I also listen at low volumes, because I live in a coop/ apartment building. Tubes work well with the Spendors.

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There's an Audio Space Galaxy being offered at 1099.00 which should be a very nice combo. No relationship to the seller.
A friend of mine has the original LS 3/5a and uses the same integrated as mine (Cary SLI50 EL34 tubes @ 30 watts per channel) and that combo is killer. The Audio Space advertised has both triode and ultralinear which should give you some flexibility. Good luck.
Jolida JD302BRC integrated with 60w/[email protected] is a honey.

Real nice sounding music, highly reviewed.

Happy Listening!
Consider the Melody/Onix SP-3(38 wpc) at ~$600 used. It's gotten pretty good reviews and was used to drive 88dB Gallo Ref 3's in it's 6-Moons followup review.
Rich....your music tastes are very similar to mine! More and more i feel like my Spendors will do great with tubes. Even i live in apartment, so i cant turnup volume!
Rhljazz/R_f_sayles/Darkmoebius...thanks for the suggestions. I will start getting more details on the recommended amps. I may post more questions on these amps
Check out Rogue audio they make a nice integrated amp also.
You can also find a Manley Stingray integrated(50 wpc) for $1,250. Great amp for the money.
Guys..thanks a lot for all the excellent suggestions. I have decided to go with Primaluna Prologue Two. It's outside my budget range. So first i will try to get a used one, if i dont get, i will get a new one.

Between EL34 and KT88 tubes, which ones a first time tube guy like me should try?
Since your preference is vocals, go with the EL34 tubes. They will favor the mid/treble. Kt88's will give more bottom end weight and extension and more overall power which you indicate is unnecessary.

I experimented with KT88, 6550, and EL34 with my Prima Luna PL2. I eventually settled on EL34 (and 6CA7). More than enough bass, excellent with vocals. I use Electro Harmonix all around for both the pre and power amp tubes. The EH's sound pretty good, are some of the most economical tubes out there, and definitely are better than the stock tubes that come with the Prima Luna. Before you go down the tube rolling and NOS paths, listen for awhile and learn what you like.

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Rhljazz...thanks for the info. Primaluna Prologue One comes default with EL34s. May be i should go with Prologue One.
Rich..thanks a lot for the info. I agree with you that iinitially i should stick with stock tubes and after learning a bit about tubes then i can think about experimentation.

Btw PrimaLuna PL1 comes with stock EL34s. Do you think getting PL1 is a bad idea compared to PL2? I also saw your nice review on PL2.

Hi Rk:

Getting the PL1 is not a bad idea. It's well made, performs well, sounds good ... all the things that an amp should do. The PL2 has upgraded parts. Let your wallet decide. On a $1000 budget, you could probably swing buying a PL1 new, but not a PL2.

It's a lot like when my wife and I went stove shopping a few weeks ago ... the $1000 stove looked cheap when sitting next to the $2300 stove on a show room floor of 20 other stoves. In my kitchen, the $1000 stove looks just fine.

At the time I purchased my PL2 (2005), it was the same price as the PL1 is today.

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I use a Cayin A88T with my Spendor S8e's and to me they sound wonderful. Plenty of power with 45 tube watts. Be aware, you will probably need close to that many watts with the Spendor 3/5 with a tube amp because for the same amount of input, when I compared the two (I owned both at the time), the Spendor S8e's sounded louder.
I just auditioned the A88T and I have Spendor S6e's. No problem driving them at all to realistic sound levels - noting that I did not listen in Triode (22w) much at all as I felt the sound was thin and light for my taste.

I did not end up purchasing the A88T(which sounded a bit better running as a standalone amp though my quicksilver Pre)as I thought it was a bit edgy at times on female vocals and in the upper registers. As a note, when I auditioned an SLI-80 I did not want to bring it back to the dealer - it made me want to listen to music, when I auditioned the A88T it did not and it was no sweat bringing it back and listening to my present system.
IT is a nice piece, but did not have the flesh on the bones or detail that I currently have.
Hi all,
I have also a Cayin A88T and I must say, it is a really great amplifier for a low amount of money!

As the standard version is alredy a great guy, I have modified the powersupply and this gives an amanzingly strong bass and the soundstage is even wider/deeper.

Meanwhile I have compared a lot of other tube-amps and also transistor amps. There is not a lot of amps around which are better than my modified Cayin. Last week I have had the Italian GRAAF GM200. Yes, this a great one with 200Watts OTL (no output transformers) but a little more expensive and "hungry" for electrical power.

Anyway, I love my Cayin :-)

Regards from Europe (I hope, my English is not too bad?)