Tube amp for Sonus Faber Extrema?

does any tube amp will work well with this speakers?
I evaluated over 20 power amps before finding what, to me, was the only amp that did it all. The Melos MAT 180. 180 watts/ch. of pure triode power. No solid state amp could get the harmonic structure of music right. None of the tube amps with less power can adequately control the drivers. If I had the money i'd have bought the Melos 400 watt/ch. monoblocs, but the 180 seems to do everything so it might have been overkill at 400 watts. The only other possibility I found is one of the big VTL's, They're good too.
I've heard them with Jadis 200's and Tube Research 400's, and was very impressed with the Extrema.
I agree, you would need a high powered tube Amp. The best sound I'v heard on the Sonus Faber Extremas, was the Meridian 557 Amps bridged, which are 1000 watts. I heard this system at the Stereophile show in 96 in NY. This system sounded unbelievable. It was so sweet and articulate sounding. The bass was fast and tight. The preamp was the Meridian 502 and the digital equipment was the Meridian 566.20 Dac, 500 transport and the 518 jitter reducer.
Another vote for Melos. I seriously auditioned the Amati Homage with the Melos 400 watt monoblocks and was quite impressed. I decided on Dunlavy's for reasons of personal taste and then had a pair of Melos monoblocks custom made to mach the Dunlavys. This was after I tried about ten of the top of the line amps and really like the Melos. Used they go for $3- $4K per pair depending on their age. Melos Restoration can upgrade and keep them going for you.
I drive my Extrema with a Sonic Frontiers Power 2 SE 130 wpc, and all is very good.

I have a pair of guarneris and I would love to try the Extremas one day. My question is, since the Extremas require so much power to control the driver, do you lose the kind of subtle detail and beauty that the guarneris do so well?

I assume you pick up more dynamics and bass. thx, jeff
I move to my pair of Extrema with a Krell KSA-300s power, and really sounds great, great bass, the best midrange that you can hear and above all realism, incredible musicianship, I doubt any current Sonus, sound of this way.
A greeting Adrian
I tell you my experience, require a power Extremely high power and excellent quality, and combine with a wire handle cran amount of current and of good quality, I to mine the probe 1 with a Krell KSA-50S and the sound was really unfortunate that gave, now when you buy the Krell KSA-300s is another world, I realized there that have absolutely crosover current applicant, in short all the electronics associated with these speakers should be of high quality, in order to maximize the enormous potential of a once achieved, is obtained to get the most complete musical nirvana!
Greetings Adrian