Tube amp for Sonus Faber Cremona

I have a pair of Sonus Faber Cremona's and thinking of going with tubes.Have a Classe Cam-200, What do other Cremona owners suggest?
I use Cary 300SE Signature monoblocs with AES 3 pre amp with my Cremonas and the sound is fabulous. Also have a Cary 280SA V12 but I find that it is not as nearly as good a combination as with the 300B's.
The DeHavilland monoblock 845 amps are fantastically good, and quite a bargain at $6K. I would think their 30 watts are adequate for the Cremonas, and I would guess the match would be terrific. Reviewers at Positive Feedback rated their system 'best of show' at CES. Art Audio is coming out with a dual-mono stereo 845 amp for less money, and Art products are terrific...that's what I've got!
Try Antique Sound Labs Hurricane 200 watts/4400.00 New or their AQ1009 845 DT 60 watts/ 5299.00 New. They are very hard to beat at this price range.
I've got to chime in... my Cremona and 845 experience was best served with the Unison Research Smart 845 monoblocks. Haven't heard the ASL Hurricane, or the DeHavilland, but I liked these more than the Cary, they had more 'bloom.'

Until I built my own amps, the Smart 845 had permanent home in my system!