Tube amp for Silverline Sonata II

I have a pair of Silverline Sonata II that I am using a SS amp on now. The volume levels are what I like, but have been advised to use tube amps with this speaker. The amp is a Bel Canto REF1000 and has great control. I may use this on the bass drivers still.
I am interested to see what amps others have used with success.
Price range is $0-1500 and they need to be mono blocks for my configuration.
Why mono blocks?Short runs speaker cables runs?You have decent sensitivity but (like my 94db horn/hyrbrid Odeon Tosca's) it's not say a pair of Klipshchorns or those new Zu Cable speakers).You need 40 wpc minimum .Think there are some choices from older Cary or Quicksilver that might swing it.Price is limiting you.A pair of Rogue blocks exceeds your budget but they's be great at 120 watts no need for new 150's and certainly out of your price range).Not sure what you've got for pre but I think a selling off and getting a VTL 85 integrated to begin with and then latter add a identical power amp and run latterally.Yes you'd get 150% nopt double the 60 wpc but 90 but it would offer so much more control.Initial layout for integrated would be $1500 or less and when your pockets were more ching-a-lingy add the second amp.if you could run one amp and not two my vote would be for a Mesa Baron where you can switch it's banks of 12 tubes in thirds to have triode and pentode according to speakers and even material listened to "on the fly"I have sold 50 pieces of equipment (I was salesman for Krell,McIntosh,B&W,Adcom,Linn ,Rega etc for 6 years) and it's only piece I have sold I miss.But if you need blocks $1500 will be touch.Up the antye if you can for those Rogues.You'll have gobs of current and love them.Only downside is no switch for triode which would big plus.Given your budget your choices being limited just keep going through A'Gons listings and see what you can afford.Thopse speaker scream for tubes even though they can handle 300+ watts of SS power they really are made for glass amps.
Good luck
Until just recently, I owned the Sonata II's, and was driving them well with a Pathos Twin Towers Reference (hybrid integrated)... this combo had very nice synergy.

Based on what is currently available, I'd consider the following:
- AES Sixpacks @ $1650 OBO
- QuickSilver mono 100's @ $1695 OBO
- Conrad Johnson MV60SE @ $1500(not monoblocks)
- Rogue M150's @ approx. $2,300

I realize that these are slightly out of your budget, however, I'm a big believer in getting something good, rather than settling for something less than desirable.... you'll just end up upgrading to something better later.