tube amp for revel salon ?

question from france : i have revel salon since 3 years and a big ST Amp Bryston 14SST, i don't know if it's my system or my listening room, all is rigth but the sound miss depth and the 3D is little.

perhaps i should try a big tube amp ? and which ?
i'm not familiar with the revel's, but your price range will definitely dictate the responses.
Perhaps you might measure the acoustics in the room before throwing more $$$ into it.

If you are going to attempt to run the Revel Salons with a tube amp, it has to be an amp that can deliver a LOT of current to the speakers. I run the Salons with the CAT JL-1 LEs, and the combination is great. The CAT amps are some of the few tube amps with the guts to drive this speaker properly.
you're rigth, but, now, i have a Tact2.2RCS for room correction, and i can't do upgrade anything in my listening room.

Cincy_bob : thanks for your answer, now i have a short list : cat JL-1, VTL MB 450 or of higher and perhaps rogue audio zeus.
what is your front end?
The TacT (or any room EQ) is a band-aid, not a cure, for poor room acoustics.

While I don't have the Salons, I do have the Studios, which are, obviously, very similar. I use the Lamm M2.1 monoblocks, which is a hybrid amplifier with one 6922 tube per side.

I think these amps will give you all that you are looking for. They have lots of bass slam, incredible treble and a touch of that mid-range magic that tubes provide.

Plus, there is no tube rushing, no biasing of tubes and while they are a little hot (not just warm), they are not as hot as those big tube amps you mentioned.

FYI: The VTL 450s are very good amps, with very good bass for a tube amp. (Not quite as good as the Lamms in bass slam, but close. My buddy replaced his 450s with the Lamm M2.2s. Btw, he ran them with the Avalon Eidolons, which is a very similar spec'ed speaker.) If you really want tube amps, I can heartily recommend them.
Responces are right could be amps cables room. There is no simple answer so you have the speakers in the optomial place in the room? Is the room good that is usally the main issue. Amps and cables will help with space a bit but usally it is the size room and position that effects it more.
i loved the sal0ons with Sonic Frontiers Power 3s