Tube Amp For Revel F52`s...?

The other night I reconfigured my setup. I used the high pass on my sub to crossover to my Revel speakers @ 80Hz.
I decided just for fun to put my 10 watt Sophia Baby tube amp
in, because I`ve had it sitting for a long time waiting for the right speaker to come along.
I use a lowly Bellari VP129 and a Rega table.
Knowing full well I could only play it at a very low level I wanted to just hear the thing for once, no matter.

I may be smitten...cause now I might want a tube amp that can play well with these speakers.
The speakers are not going to be doing the low bass duty being crossed @ 80hz. So maybe something in the 35-50 watt zone ?
Btw the F52`s were tested by one reviewer at a low of 4.1 ohm @ 2.2 Khz and had a nominal measurement of about 5.5 ohm.
Doesn`t look too demanding...
What ENTRY LEVEL used tube amp might I start looking for ??
Looks like you'll be happy with Sonic Frontiers Power1
I was looking into a McCormack SS to put in place of my Parasound 1500A. But a tube amp like the Sonic Frontiers just may fit the bill.
It`s a new thought and for me largely uncharted waters..lot`s of research ahead of me.
Revel Performa F52

Sensitivity: 87.5db
Impedance: 6.5 ohms (nominal)
3.5 ohms (minimum)

Considering these specs and the number of drivers, I think you would get better results with a high quality solid state amplifier with plenty of current.
It`s good to rely on your ears and respond to what you hear.If the 10 watt Sophia amp sounds good I`d think a high quality moderate power tube amp with good transformer and power supplies will meet your expectations and improve the sound further yet.
Best of Luck,
Come to think of it..I`ve got an old McIntosh MC240 that`s been sitting here for about 15 years. Maybe I`ll hook it up to a variac and see if it will function after all these years.
Would an old MC240 have enough in it to get the job done ?
I have RevelF30's which are no easier to drive and maybe a touch tougher because the impedance drops a little lower than the F52's. I am driving my F30s quite well with a Rogue Tempest II Magnum. I think a Rogue Cronus Magnum would also work quite well. Both are integrated amps. If you are just looking for a power amp, then either an Atlas or Stereo 90 would work well.
Thanks Zavato..I picked up a PRISTINE Rogue Stereo 90.
Even though the tubes are only 3 years old, I ordered a quad of Tung Sol KT120`s from Mark @ Rogue .
Later on I`ll change out the others.
Great suggestion ! I also changed it to the 4 ohm setting based on the above.
I have three friends not including myself that use revels with Rogue m180s, great combo !
FWIW..... My Revel Concerta F12's get along beautifully with my Rogue Audio Cronus (non-Magnum.) It's a great combination.