Tube Amp for ProAc Tablett 2000

Hi, I'm building up a 2nd system and I'm left with Proac Tablett 2000 and Naim cd5i. For the 2nd system it would be purely on jazz & vocal. Appreciate any advice on a modest integrated tube amp around 600/700 GBP. Tried Primaluna Prologue One and Rogers E20a but i think it doesn't match the speaker. It sounded too lean. The interconnet used is Nordost Blue Heaven and NAC5 speaker cable.
Consonance makes some nice-sounding inexpensive integrateds. Pretty good value there. Cheers,
See if you can find a Synthesis integrated amp. There was one for sale here for about $1000. Synthesis is an Italian company and their tube amps are gorgeous and melodious. I have heard the Synthesis Nimis with ProAc monitors and the sound was just amazing. The amp was only 10 watts or so but plenty of power for jazz and vocals in a small room. The other choice for ProAc is Audio Research. ARC and ProAc just sound beautiful together.