Tube amp for Nola Metro ref Gold

I am thinking of buying some Nola Metro ref gold and i was wondering if a triode tube amp could fit with these speakers.
For example an Ayon Odin wich is 50w

Any ideas ? I often read that Nolas work fine with arc or mac but not so many feedbacks with other tubes amps

No idea for such wonderful speakers ?
Being a long time Alon/Nola owner and current Nola Viper 1AX owner, I've used tube amps from Golden Tube, EICO, AMC and McIntosh to drive my various Alon/Nola speakers over the years and while they all sound great to a greater or lesser degree, the most important aspect of choosing the appropriate amp is to make sure you have output tap selections on the amp.

For example, my Nola Viper 1AX's perform the best from the 16 ohm tap on my MC275 so experimentation is key to getting the best overall synergy between amp and speaker.

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They like tube watts. My Hurricane DT amps by ASL are wonderful with Nola speakers. 200 watts per channel and pure heaven with Nola speakers...

Thanks for your feedbacks,

VAC amps look very good. For sure with KT88, no problem i would have enough power but with triodes it's more difficult.

No one tried some Ayon amps...Odin, Vulcan, Helios ?
The Nolas with the musicality of triodes should sound great but if one needs 200w per channel to drive the Metros, it would be to high for the tiodes.

I run my Metro IIIs with 40wpc of PP KT90s strapped in triode. Room size is 16" x 20". I don't feel the need for any more power, and I do turn it up now and then. Really, because the soundstage is so robust, I don't often feel the need to. I've also connected a number of EL34 amps, 30-40wpc, and was quite happy. I know of one user with Metro IIs that found ultimate happiness with an Ayon Triton, but I believe he has a larger room than mine.
Thank you

All your feedbacks are very helpful for me,
I should be able to test the Metro soon...
Muzik55, please keep us informed.
I am back !

The Metros arrived few months ago and i've just added a Zanden 3000 with a Luxman M800a.
The sound is beautifull with perfect dynamic and bass precision.

I would suggest to anyone looking for a tube amp with its Nola to try a couple Tube preamp with a Class A power amp.

I've tried some KT88, 6C33 and AA62B but none of them did what a Zanden/Luxman can do.

My 2 cents !