Tube amp for my A.P. Scorpios???

I have an 18x13 untreated room in which I have a pair of Audio Physics Scorpios being pushed by a Cayin A88 int. amp tied together with a Tara Labs The One ISM interconnect and a pair of 10 year old Transparent MusicWave Super XL's. my predominent source is a McCormack UDP-1, but I occasionally switch back to an old MBL CDP2 that I still have laying around.
My speakers are set up along the long wall with approx. 18in. off the rear of the speakers to the back wall and approx 5-6 feet off the side walls with a fair but not excessive toe in.
The reason for the longwall setup is that my plasma is mounted along that wall. I previously had an all MBL Reference system in this room and this was clearly the better scenario for the omni's(along with being the best thing I've ever heard). Since getting rid of the MBL stuff I've decided to put together a more budget minded system, and would not be foolish enough to think that my current setup could come even remotely close, but I'm not convinced that I can't accomplish a pleasant sounding system within a reasonable budget. Aside from the AP's and the Cayin, everything else are leftovers after the MBL Ref stuff went away.
After doing a fair ammount of research I went with the AP's as I thought the dual sidefiring woofers in each speaker would work better with the longwall setup, and someone had suggested the Cayin as a descent, budget minded product that would drive the 94db, 4ohm speaks well, and it does.
My problems are in bass control, and lack of raw power at higher listening levels. The AP's image quite well and go low enough to suit my needs.
My listening choices are almost exclusively LIVE acoustic and electric 70's and 80's rock, Dead, Dylan, Allmans, Dave Matthews etc... and alot of female vocals, Natalie Merchant, Annie Lenox, Allison Krauss etc... and a fair ammount of Bluegrass.
I would appreciate any suggestions as far an an amp alternative and any cable changes along with any source comments(Maybe a tube player)?
I would prefer to stay with my speakers as I do enjoy them at their price level, and I still have some difficulties with conventional front firing box speakers. No matter how good or expensive, after years of listening to omni's, I still get the feeling that the music is being pushed out at me into a narrow sweetspot, and I listened to damn near all of them at the recent NY show.
Thanx in advance for any comments, positive or negative.

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For starters get rid of the Transparent cables.

Network cables couple poorly with tube amplifiers.

Add a good isolation base under the CD player and the tube amplifier, this will tighten up things nicely.

Put Black Diamond cones under the speakers, which usually tightens things up nicely.

Also a good power conditioner works wonders with tube amplifiers, I have found the Richard Gray's to add alot more punch and tightens up the bass response.

Also play with positing of your chair you may be sitting in a null point.

Hope these things help.

I am driving my Scorpios with Art Audio Concerto Plus mono tube amps with excellent results. Preamp is an EAR 864 (tube) and the digital source is a Linn Ikemi. Room is 25' long by 15.5' wide with the speakers on the short wall. I listen to classical and jazz which includes some pipe organ and orchestral and the low end control is very good to my ears. Cabling is Cardas Golden Reference except for the speaker cables wich are Signal Cable silver reference.
I have heard the Scorpios with solid state (Spectron Musician III) and I definitely prefer the Art Audio sound.
I will also say that Joe Fratus from Art Audio is, in my experience, one of the most customer service minded people in the audio business. I have no affiliation with Art Audio-just a happy customer. Hope this helps.
Let me first say that I am a Audio Physic dealer and a BAT dealers. I had great success driving my Scorpios with a BAT VK-55. Please contact me if you are interested in talking about this setup. My username is PERCON.
The APs have always been a good match with the older CJ designs.My experience with the CJ Prem 11a/Virgos,was a memorable one.With the 94 db efficiency the 70wpc should work nicely.As a SS alternative,the small Symphonic amps will also complement your speakers.
I will also recommend getting rid of the "network" cables.With designers trying to minimize the components in an circuit,why add them back into the equation??
Was going to say that everyone who mentions speaker/amp combo's should mention sens and nominal as well as low ohm load.94db say's something but my B&W 803's were 8ohm 90db but had nasty impedance swing that made 100 glass watts and 200 SS mandatory.But listening to thoise above should be good advice.I once had some lovely little Spars for a few weeks and hey were and easy drive.But when you get to more drivers /larger cabinet things can get easier or harder depending on speaker.if you like cayin one guy is selling his for a A100.Me the only poiece I wish I had never sold was the Mesa baron.Wish I had sent it in for tri tube mod to run more than 6L6 compatibility but Mesa beng pr audio said nto use 6L6 but offered tri tube as option knowing tube roller or KT88 and EL34 fans would broaden the base of customers.Can pick them up now (long out of production) but really nice to be able to swich 12 tubes in banks of 4 "on he fly" for 1/3 triode 2/3 pentode,2/3 triode etc for 60/90/120 watts which could run most anything outside of Appogee's.You were able to tailor sound no only to speakes but to ype of music being played.Full triode foor Miles and full pentode for the Who or Wagner.Really miss that sucker.Had a freind with the Slam100 Cary's and they were nice high output amp.But hey it's all out there depending on what you want to spend.If 70 serves you well better say a Canary that is listed above for a cool $5K yet is 70 watt in full triode than push pull amps.I'd like to take the hybrid Modcose for a spin with your (or my $7 German Odeon Horns).So many products only two ears and so much money and time.bu that was what was cool abou that Mesa.Why it didn't stay in production when company is still healthy player in amp heads for their guitar and bass cabinets I don't know.
Hope you pick a winner
Not exactly on the amp topic but I just heard a pair of AP Scorpios at a local dealer. He added an REL subwoofer to the set up about half way through and I thought it really made the Scorpios blossom. My preconception was it would just add deep bass, which it may have done but that was not really the noticeable effect. Instead, and to my surprise, it caused the whole sound to relax, the soundstage to widen and deepen backwards and forwards, and the music to seem far more 'there'. He switched it out and in again to confirm what I was hearing and it made me really think that my understanding of what subs do was really lacking. I went in cynical but came out convinced that a good sub match can really add to the music (I don't care for loud music or earth shattering bass). At all volume levels, this worked. Just an idea I think you should consider.