Tube amp for ML Prodigy's

Does anyone have any experience or advise on a great power amp for Martin Logan Prodigy's. I started with a SF Power2 then went to a ARC VT200 which was an improvement but I still feel something is lacking. Is there an OTL that will work with these speakers? Am I beating my head against the wall here? I listen to a variety of music, Rock, acoustic, jazz, etc. etc.
Wolcott Presence Monoblocks, 220 watts in any load. They have an excellent reputation with electrostats. I think they are about 10k a pair new.
A friend of mine has had very good results using VTL 450 monoblocs with his Prodigy's.
I used to have ML SL-3 speakers and thought that my Berning ZH-270 tube amplifier really made them sing (within the limitations of those particular speakers). If you are not familiar with the Berning, it is a unique OTL design that uses a radio frequency carrier that is out of the signal path to convert the high voltage tube output to a high current output (the same function as a transformer). Since it is out of the signal path, it has the same advantages of a standard OTL design but can be successfully paired to difficult to drive speakers like electrostatics. It is a wonderful sounding amplifier with some of the best bass you will ever hear, and is plenty fast enough to keep up with the speed of the Prodigy's. (Plus it is the size of a shoe box and only weighs 10 lbs.) However, it is only 130 watts into 4 ohms, so if you have a large space it may not have enough oomph for you. But it should be on your short list to try.
I can recommend the McIntosh MC2000 as I have used that combo with great results. Just as important (in my opinion more important)is the preamp. I'm auditioning one right now that is incredible sounding with my MC2000. It's called the Minimax and is a bargain compared to many preamps. I sold my Prodigy's last year but I really enjoyed their sound. With the right electronics (tubes) they are magical.
in reference to the first 2 posts above having previously owned the Wolcott and VTL 450 I would definitely choose the Wolcott especially for the Logan speakers based upon my experience with the ML Quest z speakers because the bass could use every bit of help it can get from the amplifier especially for bass control and bass definition. The Wolcott definitely has better bass control and definition, much better actually. I would prefer the Wolcott on the Martin Logan speakers definitely.
I heard the prodigy with Krell 600 and preamp,conrad
johnson ($15,000),wadia cd, cardas cable, this sound
relly good, The VTL wotans monoblock is the best,
I heard these logans, hair raising experience. Plinius
250 might work too, due to my exp. with my quest z and
sa 100.
Thanks for all of the suggestions. I wonder if anyone has tried the VT200 like I am using with the Prodigy's or other ML speakers? If so what do you think?
I have the Odysseys. My amp is an ARC D-250 modded by Great Northern. They sound magical together. Speak to Steve Huntley at Great Northern ( the VT200's. He may be able to fix you up - not inexpensive, but takes the amp to a whole new level. He may have other recommendations too - very knowledgable.
Thanks Snowranger, I will investigate. It's not that things don't sound good, in fact they sound great. I am just wondering if they can get better. The rest of the system consists of: ARC LS25II, ARC Ref Phono, VPI Aries, Theta Miles (balanced), Nordost Red dawn/Blue Heaven.
Has anyone tried the Antique Sound Labs "Hurricane's" with the Prodigies out there?