Tube Amp For Mid/Hi

I've been looking into different tube amps to power the mids and highs on my bi-amped Maggie 3.5's. Looks like I can get Rogue Magnum 120's near $2K. Are there better/other options that I should be looking at. I'm thinking that I'll need at least 100W for the application since I do listen loud at times. While I have not heard the Rogues, I like the fact that you can switch between triode and pentode, and they seem friendly matainance-wise. One caveat; I do not want soft highs.
ARC VT130. This was absolute magic with my Maggie 3.5 ..... especially with KT88 tubes. And with it only having to drive the mids/highs, it will not at all be strained as it was when I ran it full range. I have seen these go in the $1500-1700 range which makes them a runaway steal. Just stay clear of the ARC Classic series amps as they are very sterile sounding in comparison.
Look into the Cary V12 or V12i. They are around 2k used. Runs triode (50w), ultralinear (100w) and two-thirds triode. I can get mine pretty loud if I want to. You can also swap the EL-34s for KT-88s and play with the sound that way. Has a high input impedance so it is compatible with a lot of preamps.