Tube amp for Merlin TSM.

Can anyone suggest a matching tube amp for my Merlin? My buget is about $2000. My listening room is only 12FT X 10FT.
I would recommend the new tube/ss hybrid from Blue Circle. Bobby used to use Blue Circle at the shows and I imagine the combo would be quite satisfying! Warm and detailed with a very wide soundstage. Try positioning your speakers on the diagonal!
A lot of people like the Berning ZH-270 with these speakers. Personally, I thought that the amp was too harsh in the upper midrange, though David Berning said it was more like to revealing of the attributes of digital sources. Nevertheless, there are many who would say this is a magic combination. If you were really lucky, you might find one used for $2500, but no less. That might make it out of reach.
Rogue, CJ mv60, Mesa Boogie etc.Antique Sound Labs have a few that would work.
Depending on how much power you need, Audiomat makes stupifying integrated tube amps for very friendly prices. There's one for sale on audiogon--the Solfege Reference (top of the line). It's integrated so pre-amps can get sold to cover costs. A hard choice to make if you can't listen to one first. I own the Arpege Reference (entry level), and I can't tell you how in love I am with the sound. I did get to audition it as well as a number of others.

Good luck
Thanks for the response. I am considering the Manley MAHI mini mono block which cost around 2.5k new, another option is the Opera mono block S400 cost much lower, any comments on the Opera?
the merlin likes gobs of would not be a good match with any moderately powered tube amp regardless of quality....i would suggest a belles150 or a conrad-johnson sonographe240....they are good,high powered designs and sound a bit warmer and more euphoric than most solid state designs...if you have your heart set on tubes,i'm afraid you will never hear those beautiful merlins at their best.
Does it mean with a average 50W op tube amp won't do the job well? How about the Music Ref RM9 or will PS Audio HCA-2 fit in?
I just got my TSMs in a few weeks ago and they ARE magical with my BAT VK-60, which I've had now for the past 4 years. Highly recommended! Bob
i'm sure if you compare any of the amps i've mentioned to any 50watt amp(tube or solid state you will here a dramatic difference...the merlins are keepers,but they only perform with a bit of power to spare.