Tube Amp for Maggie 1.7

I've got the bug to try tubes power amps on my maggie 1.7's and looking for opinions and advice. Budget $3-5K with rugged build and minimal tweaking requirements.Also wondering what differences to expect over my current system.
A couple of things you can do to get a sense of what people are doing:

1. Try searching the archives here. Member Nsgarch, who hasn't been posting for a while, has a McIntosh MC275 to drive his Maggies. He swears by the combo and is knowledgeable about the amp (I have the same amp).

2. Go to the Virtual Systems section here and search for Maggies, and check out what amps people are using with them. You'll get an idea, and might want to drop an e-mail to a couple of folks that have a combo you might be intrigued with.

3. Find the Maggies forum. I know there is one (Nsgarch referred to it), but don't know where that is. They are likely to have specific insight.

FWIW, an MC275 seems to fit your criteria. I would suggest swapping tubes, though.

I hope this helps.
McIntosh MC275 and Mesa Baron