Tube amp for Harbeth compact 7

Hi guys i would like to try a tube amp EL34 or SET.
I am new to harbeth, only tried with class A Luxman.
I would like to have a tube amp, very curious about Line Magnetic
and the new Primaluna.
I would like to start hearing from you before getting any further.
I listen mostly vinyls on my Rega p5 with ps audio phono.
dAC ps audio mark 1.
AZ hologram cables
Nordost lS RD IC balanced.
Thank you.
I don;t think SET will have enough power, but I am quite happy with my 15 wpc Leben 300 XS. My room is 12x12x9. The combination is very musical, and especially good for vocals, small ensembles and jazz.
You might want to add Rogue to that list. The Rogue amps can run with a variety of output tubes, including the EL34. And many are really praising the KT-120 that some Rogues can use.

But Line Magnetic also seems to be getting a lot of praise for sure.

I am surprised that Drdennis is finding his 15 wpc Leben adequate with Harbeth (which I am assuming he has based on his response). I would have guessed that Harbeths needed a bit more power than that. I do certainly agree that SETs are not likely a great match.
I really like the Leben integrated amps. The Primaluna amps are also good (I own the Dialogue One), but I suspect the Line Magnetic is as good or better as my Luna, yet much less expensive ($1,650-$1,850. For LM) as opposed to $2,599 for my Luna. Of course there are less expensive Luna. Post whatever you decide and let us know how it works out for you. You've narrowed it down to some excellent choices.
Its turning in a great topic specially for us Harbeth fans.
I.must have to say that Luxman 550 A II with C7 as long as the recordings are decent, really produce a very satisfying synergy.
Specially at low volumes.
The loudness possibility is certainly an aspect to consider.
I will try a tube amp but for sure with my Luxman home
this is the second time i own this amp.
First time i was very novice no that i am not now but even more.
Trying many things back three years ago.
The fact i got one back again, means i cant lie ears.
I will keep you all posted.
Cont researching this week.
Thank you always
Have used a Mac 275, Aes Superamp , Mesa Baron, Sophia Baby Amp and a Mac ma230 with great success.
If this speaker can be driven by a 15 watt Leben then there`re SET amplifiers that could drive this speaker also. It all depends on 'which' SET one is referring to. A 45 or 2A3 would be a poor choice(in SET mode,2A3 ok in push pull).A good 845 or 211 tube would have no problems. There are certain 300b SET(with stout power supplies and transformers) that could be considered as well.

It really depends on the quality level of the particular SET in question to form an opinion.There`s a wide range of performance among SET aplifiers.I hope there`s an opprotunity to try some with your speakers.
Charles one of the big problem I am facing is that right now I am in PR during my second year of Anesthesia masters,
here i had seen a couple of High end stores but they carry Ayre, Naim and so on but nothing like SET amps etc.
I have been considering the Triode Japan 845 also their 300b,
but lately i turned very interested in LM gear imported my Shindo man.
Basically i look for advice here cause i will be buying the amp based on you guys, i have to look for resale value just in case things dont turn as magic as we expect sometimes.
and keeping my Luxman meantime, they rare come for sale as well.

Thank you all for taking your Sunday evening to advice me about my next move, great hobby, great people.
If you are interested in whether the Line Magnetic gear will play well with your Harbeth speakers, contact Peter at Venice Audio. He sells both Line Magnetic amplifiers and Harbeth loudspeakers.
I'm using a 30wpc SET Mastersound Compact 845 with my Harbeth C7's. Magical - as long as you go with a leaner cables - I'm using Auditorium 23.

Another great choice would be the Unison S6.

I briefly used a 20wpc Mastersound dueventi el34/set and that also worked very well - in a smaller room.

30wpc gives you all the control and slam you could ever want.
Good example, The Mastersound is well built and has very good transformers.Some people tend to clump SET amplifiers and don`r recognize the very broad spectrum they represent.
so you guys think that a SET 845 could do the work for me,
instead a Kt88 or EL34, i certainly want to move to a long lasting satisfaction, but unfort as i said I dont have any possibilities of listening or auditioning any where i am currently.
best regards
I am surfing on web and forums about 845 amps,
guys there so many amps with 845 tubes that is hard for me to decide just based on reviews or forums.
i will take my time here to get more info.
i am sure many others will share their experiences.
anyone familiar with Triode Japan 845?
Luxman 550 AII happy for now!