Tube amp for double stacked Large Advents

I recently set aside my doublestacked Large Advents in favor of Maggie 12's. I really enjoy the Maggies but....well...I kinda miss the Large Advents!

My thought is to set up a second system with the double stacked Advents. This would present a 4 ohm load although I suspect that it would dip below 4 ohms on occasion.

What would be a good tube amplifier to mate with the Advents?
Large Quicksilver monoblocks (KT-88) have have speaker connections for 8, 4, even 1 ohm. They could drive them quite well I should think. // I have Quicksilvers, long ago used to have Large Advents - which I ran with McIntosh amps, another idea.
Hi Truman,

I had not heard about the Quicksilver amps. I like the American made idea. There seems to be a lot of "inexpensive" Chinese stuff out there - do not know how good it is.

I used to drive the double stack Advents with a Mac MA6300 at 100 wpc. More power than one would ever need for Advents!

I now use this amp for the Maggies and wish I had a little bit more for them.
In the old days (college) I used to run stacked Advents with a pair of monostrapped Dynaco Stereo 70s. If you do that, the 8 ohm taps are where you put the 4 ohm load.