Tube Amp for Acoustic Zen Adagio

What is your suggestion for integrated tube amp to drive Adagios?

I am using a PrimaLuna Prologue Two with my Adagios. It sounded pretty good with the stock tubes. But after replacing the power tubes with SED Winged C 6550s and the input tubes with Philips Holland Pope 12AX7s, it sounds fantastic. The tube changeout tightened-up the bass and imparted a wonderful holographic image. I listen with this integrated whenever the weather permits.

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I certainly believe the amp loves tubes. I have used a good SS integrated the Karan K180 and the Vova Solista a 22watt SET. The speakers sound great with tubes, although rated at 50watts minimum. The retailer I bought it from suggests 20watt SET minimum and my experience seems to confirm it