tube amp for 802's ?

I am looking for a new power amp to improve imaging and soundstage. my current is a wadia 861, proceed stero power amp, B and w 802 speakers and synergistic research cables.

I have home auditioned levinson and mcintosh stereo amp's and was pretty unimpressed compared to my current proceed. However the Mcintosh tube 2102 I listened too was fabulous. I was thinking of getting 2 and using them as 200w bridged monoblocks. I also have an option on Pass x600 but am unable to listen to them. What would be a significant tube amp improvement on the mac 2102. i was amazed how good it sounded.

thanks AJ
I owned these speakers for years. They are great even by today's standards. They are, however, large with two significant woofers and require power. I tried mine with some tube amps in the 80 watt range and the woofers were never adequately supplied. Make sure you get fairly large tube amps if you want to drive these well. I think the Pass Labs is a very good solid state alternative. I do not think you need to spend the money on the 600's. It seems to me that you should have plenty of power with a Pass X250.