Tube Amp Books

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I am looking to learn more about the workings of tube amplifiers. I may even want to design and build one myself. I am looking for some books that will help me in this quest. Could you people point me in the right direction.
Take a look at the books for sale at www.audioxpress. They have most of the books available.

They also have a "classroom series" of very good articles online for free. These are old articles but still very good ones.

Two books that are both good and often recommended are "Beginners Guide to Tube Audio Design" by Bruce Rozenblit and "Valve Amplifiers" by Morgan Jones. Both are very good. I think the Jones book is the better(If only because it's longer (480 pages v 100 pages) of the two but both are worth buying and they tend to reinforce each other.

You will need a basic book on electricity too if you do not already have one as both texts take certain basics for granted. Lots are available try "Basic Electricity" by Van Valkenburg, Nooger & Neville available at For more advanced try "The Art of Electronics" by Horowitz and Hill.

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all the books are listed

See for Kevin O'Connor's "Principles of Power".

I also second the above recommendation of Van Valkenburg's "Basic Electricity" if you are new to electronics. Older editions of his "Basic Electronics" (1950's, 1960's) also have good and easy chapters on tubes.