Tube amp beginner

What is good tube amp for entry level?
around $500.
I would look at the rebuilt classic amps on the Mapleshade site if you are looking for an integrated amp; may run a little more but would be worth it. In new amps Chinese would be about the only choice and I have heard conflicting things about their reliability.
I just bought a AMC CVT 2030 EL84 here for $250, could not find any bad reviews about it. They can be had @ $429 from .
Look for a Dynaco ST70 with some mods or used in good condition. I can't think of a better introduction to tubes for the money.
You might be able to find an ARC classic 30 near that price or $700ish. I enjoyed having that amp for years and played fairly loudly with Pro Ac response 2s.
I haven't trusted AMC since they came out with the Gremlin. [Old F**t's joke]
Can you tell us more about the rest of your system: your speakers, your room and what type of music you typically listen to?
I would wait until I had more money to spend, maybe just a $1,000 will open up a whole world of choices and something newer and maybe better quality.
I definitely think a ST-70 is the way to go, but I'm biased as I'm still using two of them. If you go that route, it's also a great introduction into the world of modification/DIY. If you find one for cheap with the original circuit, the bass response improves dramatically by simply adding capacitance (in the right spot). Good luck with the search.

Yeah, I actually wanted a CL60 but I was getting rid of the Pro Acs soon so needed the additional cash for Dynaudios.