Tube amp- bang for the buck of new breed

I would like to add another tube amp to my system since the one I currently have is 50 years old and only 20 watts. Of the new breed of tube power, and heck why not, solid state amplification out there, what do you guys think is the best bang for the buck right now ? Budget you said ? Hmm, 2k to begin with.
PrimaLuna.It would help to know the speakers being used-impedance and efficiency.Would look at 5 or 7s.
Legacy Classic. They're twelve years old and I have no plans to upgrade them. Yes, the Primaluna Dialogue 5 is on my sight but there are no reviews out there yet. Btw, I used to own the Dialogue 2, nice integrated.
Check out Rogue Audio.
I'm currently fascinated by tube hybrid amps. Gary Dodd has a new one he's making. Moscode is another. Butler is doing a fine job too. I use one of the latter.

Tube influence and SS speed and power.

If I'm not confusing models here and I may be, I'd suggest some power for the Legacy's. Those bass drivers will need it. IF you want solid controled bass. Hybrids do very well there indeed, at least the Butler does on my speaks.

I'm thinking of the floor standers with twin 10in bass drivers a friend of mine has. he uses a Rotel 1080 SS amp on his.
Yes, the Classic have two base drivers. I also like the fact they go down to 22 hz ! so in that regard, yes, i'm going to need to power. Thanks to all. I'll check them out.
I'd give the Rogue Cronus a long, hard look.