Tube Amp Around $1000

I am going to buy a tube amp for my system and am thinking of a TAD-60. I have Usher 520 speakers, a CAT SL1 MKII preamp and a Resolution Audio Opus 21 CD player. I will be updating the speakers some time next year. Anyone have an opinion on the TAD-60 or other suggestions? I want to keep the price around $1000 new or used.
Conrad-Johnson MV55. I love mine.
Second the CJ,there was one here recently,Bob
Check out the TAD-60 reviews. I have one with TAD-150 and Vandersteen 2CE signatures. Rolled in some Tung Sol 6550 reissues and sound is amazing. No real house sound to speak of but, fast, robust, lots of air and great extention on the highs and lows. I had a DNA-1 by McCormack. It is no match for the TAD-60... My only change will be to Mod the Tad-150 to signature level and maybe try some KT-88 tubes on the TAD-60. I have no desire to change amps.
Eagleman, I am leaning that way. I have read the reviews and it seems like a good deal for the amp. I have read some good things about the MV55 also. I am considering Maggie 1.6s in the future and don't know if the CJ will be enough power.
Ditto on Aball's post. I too own a CJ MV-55 and it is one gem of an amp! Although lately I have been using the HCA-2 which I like better than many solid state amps, I will eventually feel the need to reinsert the MV-55 for a different prospective on ss versus tubes.
Any other opinions?
how bout a VTL ST 85 or a Cary Rocket for a little more...
Another vote for the TAD-60. It is a great piece.
I have read that the CJ MV-55 has the classic tube sound, which I would like. Does the TAD-60 have some of that or is it more like the SS sound?
I think that it has some of both. With the stock tubes it has that airy midrange but, when I rolled in some Tung Sol reissues it not only had the airy midrange but, the bass was more powerful and the highs seemed more detailed and extended. The overall sound is balanced and non-tiring. I have not heard the CJ so I cannot comment on it.
Where do the VTLs and Carys fall in the classic vs. solid state sound?
Cary's are classic in my opinion. They have the lush mids and tend to sacrifice a little on the extremes. Some call them warm and fat. One thing for sure, they have the Cary house sound for their sonic signature. It's pretty noticeable so if it's not your cup of tea you need to consider something more neutral. I enjoyed my V12i and in some ways regret selling it. If my speakers were more efficient I'd still have that amp today.
i think a dared vp-16 would drive doesn't sound like you are a headbanger and this amp is very smooth and rich. why don't you ask to try it? I asked if he would take it back if i didn't like it and he said yes. I had it packed up to go back but couldn't do it. i use sylvania drivers in mine, but you might like the stock ones as they are kind of hot on top. it looks like your speakers are a little weak on the very top and this amp could be a great compliment. the 6v6 has kind of a relaxed loose bass that could compliment a nice little 5" driver in a little box. i liked to deal with joe so much. I broke a tube and he sent out another without request for payment or hassle ( i sent him a ck. anyway for his time). a friend of mine just did a deal with tad and did not receive the nicest treatment. this amp drove axiom m-60 very well and sounded better than the oddyssey amp. your speaker is a little harder to drive, but we were playing the system LOUD. give it a try. I bet a cj would be good too; i just haven't heard them. al i know is my amp is staying and i will build around it.
another thing; i have a very nice preamp but i don't use it with cd. the system sounds so much better just using the vp-16 without the pre.