Tube Amp and Sonus Faber


I'm waiting on delivery of a pair of SF Concertinos. I plan on pairing them in a small room (12x15) with a VTL ST85 (with triode switch). I've been in a triode mood for awhile now and am slightly worried that the 30 watts of triode power will not be enough for the Concertinos. I listen to a variety of music ranging from Alt Rock (Beck, classic REM, U2 etc.), Jazz, and Classical (large orchestra and smaller). I went with the Concertino based on my now small room which also serves as a home office. The Concertino is also the first "audiophile" speaker I remember falling in love with years ago but could not afford at the time.
You should have plenty of power, perfect match actually; sonically and functionally. Small speakers in a small room, and an easy to drive 8 Ohm load, and VTL has plenty of current. I've owned VTL and Sonus Faber, which is a great match for tubes, especially in Triode mode. I bet you the sound will be really seductive!
I've got a pair of SF Minuettos (3 generations or so earlier than the Concertino) in my home office. I think the specs are similar @ app 85 db/1w/1 meter - I'm not 100 sure about that - between the 2 models. I use 100 wpc of SS amplification with my Minuettos, which is more than enough. You're probably at the margin - not a disaster, but more power certainly wouldn't hurt.