tube amp advice foe Dunlavy scIII'S

After much soul searching, Im scraping the ss amp and moving to a tube amp. My knowledge is limited. I will keep my Dunlavy's and am searching for advice as to tube amps that can drive the Dunlavy's. Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks Andy.
VAC, VTL, Audio Research and Cary just to name a few. You can't go wrong with this selection. I have been impressed with the VAC and AR. What preamp are you using?
You'll get great results with an ARC VT-100II, better with a VT-200. I use a VT-200 with Dunlavy SC-V's and it's wonderful.
Conrad Johnson MV-55 is for you! VAC is more "neutral", and with Dunlavy would make too "bright" of combination.
Try the Wolcott Presence monos. I believe they're one of the best amps. They match well with my Dunlavy V's.
I am using an ARC VT100mkII with my SCIIIs and it is outstanding. VT200 might be necessary with larger Dunlavys but not with the IIIs. You can use the 8ohm connections which provide awesome dynamics. Good luck finding the best match for you.
I went from solid state to tubes when I bought my Dunlavy V. I am using the Melos triode monoblocks and think they are great for my tastes. I've tried the CJ Monoblocks and the ARC VT-200. I prefer a warmer sound than the ARC for classical music and am not fond of the CJ house sound. The Melos also have terrific bass. You should try to hear some of the amps discussed because they do have noticably different sounds. Coming from ss amps I recommend you listen first.
I drove my SC 3's for five years with a Bryston 4B-ST and it sounded great (phenomenal bass and peak loudness). Now I have a VAC Ren. 70/70 Mark III on the SC 3's. Sounds nearly perfect. I run the VAC with no feedback on the 2-4 ohm taps. One person above said "brightness" with VAC and SC 3. I ask "which VAC?" My room is not acoustically dead (in fact, perhaps too alive) and I have no problem with brightness. My ears, my spouse's ears, and my friends ears are stunned by this combo. Good luck.