tub preamp vs ss preamp with ss amp.

Is there any advantages to useing a tub preamp over a ss preamp with a ss amp? Im' trying to lean this hifi game. So can you tell me what the differences are that would be a big help to me. I just notice that a lot of people prefer to use the tub preamp. I'm not really sure the pros and cons with tub vs ss anyway. Therefore if anyone can educate me I would be very thankful to you.
You'll get varying opinions on this one, but I'll give my thoughts: I went from a ss preamp/ss amp to a tubed pre/ss amp to make the sound more real and musical and less analytical. In my experience, a tubed preamp adds more beauty to the music. Some argue this is even ordered harmonic distortion that tubes impart on the musical signals. Whatever it is, I like the added 'warmth' and 'bloom' tubes add, especially through the midrange.

The amount of added bloom and warmth varies from preamp to preamp so you need to find the sound you like. Also, you can change the sound of the preamp by changing the brand of tubes you use.

In the end, it comes down to what sort of sound you're after. I read a recent article that said some think 'accuracy' is the most important determinant of good sound while others prefer 'beauty'- with most audiophiles falling somewhere in between. I think this is true. So go listen to some all SS and some tube/ss hybrids and compare. You'll find out what sound you prefer.
I run a tube preamp and solid state preamp. I switch them out every 90 days. To me, both of them have their strengths, and I am unable to make a final decison....so I keep both. Ultimately, it will come down to the sound you prefer.

When I got my first tube preamp, I thought, oh my goodness, those tube fanatics are right! Then as I listened more, I found that the tubes did not have the precision in some instances that the solid state preamp has....and the solid state did not capture the soul of the music on some recordings as well as the tube preamp did. And....on some recordings, it really didn't make any difference.

On this forum you will find that both camps will defend their turf when debating tubes vs. solid state. The best way is to listen....for a long time, to both of them and make your own decision.
I agree with what Mitch4t said and would just like to add that the sound quality and "personality" of different solid-state preamps varies quite a bit. And the sound/personality of different tube preamps (or the same tube preamp with different tubes) varies just as much, if not more.

You really need to try a couple of each type and possibly change to different brand tubes in one of the tube units in order to get a handle on how the sound character changes, and to know which preamp you prefer. No one can tell you which one is best for you. That has to be your own personal decision, based on your own listening experiences.
Another advantage of a tube preamp/ss amp is that you can change the presentation of the amp by rolling in different tubes in the preamp. Every tube sounds different. I love swapping tubes in my setup to tailor the sound to my whims. I have a budget tube/ss amp setup, a hybrid Jolida 1501 integrated.

I would add that tubes can also give the illusion of 3D as well. Good luck!
One caveat: Everyone talks about tubes and SS in generic terms, and I think there's a lot more to it than that rudimentary statement. There are lots of ckt. iterations out there in each format. I once owned and loved a tube-buffered passive that did not sound tubey or like SS, it just made music. So that one was quite neutral by design even though it had tubes in the ckt and in the power supply.

Also, different tube units are going to sound quite a bit different depending on the tubes used, power supply design and implementation, tube or SS rectification, and a hundred other variables. I am fortunate that I have both to play with, depending on mood, music selection and whether I want to warm up the tubes. But I would agree that you need tubes somewhere in the system, and the preamp is the obvious place to start, and perhaps end. As you grow in knowledge and experience you may want to delve deeper. But let me say the that the ss rig is powered-up 24/7 and is ready to play in an instant, and is quite musical and fun to listen to. And no tubes to wear out or worry about. It's all part of the fun! Good luck in your quest, and above all, enjoy the music.
The tube preamp and ss amp gives one the "warmth"
of tubes with the overall bass and soundstage"control"
from the solid state.Certain music pieces lend themselves to both,and that is where the "hybrid" scenario really
comes into play.For example,Frank Sinatra music----
the vocals and big band sound light up with tubes,and the "pop" ,bass,and overall soundstage benefit from the solid state.It's a great combo----