TTWeights New Ultimat II

Well boys and girls, I just received TTWeights new Ultimat II. It is their new 3 piece design and the performance is STELLAR!!! I also own the copper Ultimat and I must say that the new Ultimat II is far superior. It just blows my mind how much better my records sound with this new mat. I never thought that the background could get any more quieter but it is. The bass is deeper and clearer and the overall sound is just so sweet and smooth. The increase in soundstage depth is something that I can not describe, you just have to experience it, words would not do it justice. This is by far the biggest improvement I have ever heard on my turntable, regardless of the cost. Any turntable that this mat is used on will have amazing results!!!

That is good to hear, I've been wondering how the three-piece mat would sound. The TTW heavy copper mat really made a difference on my Scout Signature, I may be tempted to get one of the new mats. Thanks!

Benjie, I enjoy a TT Weights copper mat as much as the next man, but damn the torpedoes it would nice to have a post from you on a subject other than the best thing since beer in cans.
Hey, I apologize for my enthusiasm about the products. But let me say this, I have been into quality audio sound for over 36 years and I have seen my share of gimmicks, false claims and snake oil. This mat lives up to all the claims made by the manufacture. When I can buy a few tweaks (the ultimat II and the new alloy/brass outer ring) for my 10 year old TNT turntable and increase the performance level beyond that of VPI's $14,000 flagship HRX turntable, and I mean beyond it, I think that is news I would like to share with other members. There are a lot of members here who own VPI turntables and I would just like to pass on my findings. I will try to tone it down. Let me go over to the digital forum and light a fire.
Agree with Dgarretson benji. To me, you come across as a shill. And yes I'm a vpi TT owner who is very pleased with TTWeights center weight and outer ring--both are bargains compared to VPI prices for same.
You agree with me and hear the same performance increases from your turntable as I do when you use these products yet you think I am a shill. Ok makes sense to me.
You come off as a shill benji. And In no way did I express my praise for TTweights in the obnoxiously overzealous manner you did, IMO.
Bottom line is you also agree that TTWeights products do work! They do give sonic improvement to your turntable and to your stereo system. Thank you.
I have to come to Benji's defense, since I am accused of the same thing. What's wrong with a little enthusiasm(I agree that a little later, I might not have written about stuff so over the top.)?
I too have to come to Larry's defense. I bought the new TTWeights, TTMega ring. Mine has a combination of large and small brass weights. I do not know if he will be building many of these, but mine looks fabulous. It slightly betters the heavier nickel plated copper ring. There is no turning back now. What do you have for us next Larry?.
Any recent experience with the new Ultimat II from anyone? Has anyone compared it to a leather mat?
I have tried the Ringmat. I thought it tilted the balance to mids and highs and made the sound bright overall. Bass was reduced and this caused a loss of body and smoothness. it seems to be now that the record should be coupled to a dampenin medium. The leather is much much better than the ringmat. But one thing the ringmat did was brought out some details that I didn't hear before. Maybe the leather is obscuring things and a more linear dampening material would be better.

Thoughts ?

If you're still on the airwaves, does the ultimat II compress dynamics and detail? In other words is the mat "overly damped"?

Thanks, Andrew