TTW turntables

my understanding is TTW went out of business. they owe me an outer rim. I have larry Denham email but he isn't responding. does anyone know how to contact him ? does anyone have larry's personal contact info.  thanks


I think they are still in A business, just not the audio business. You might try to contact him through his "other" business, but, sorry to say, I do not know the name.
Good luck, and I mean that!  He was one snarky angry sounding guy towards the end there.  Defensive and belligerent could be added to that description as well.

Sad to see him gone. I always had excellent dealings with him.
Wonder what happened......
On a business level, he seemed to feel, or he wanted us to think, that he could not make a profit while also keeping up his high standards for materials and machining.  He refused to compromise on either, or to lower his prices, and so chose the option of quitting the business entirely.  I always thought his turntables were a bargain in terms of quality of construction at his asking prices, but I have no direct experience with any of them. I reckon they weren't selling well. He did seem more than a little petulant at the end.  But that does not mean he would not help out the OP, necessarily.
It is my understanding that he also closed down the parent company LJT Manufacturing.  Both business operated out of the same manufacturing facility which is now up for lease.  In addition, he was actively selling off all the company's tooling equipment.  He had an inventory sell off a while back in which he sold all remaining stock. 
thanks guys.  appreciate the feedback. I agree with all comments, the good and the bad. hopefully he does the right thing and sends me the outer ring he owes me.
I also have a ring, one of the older ones.  Great product.

Perhaps something here will work: mail, phone?
thanks to the latest responders,  I will try to track him down.  there is always a plan B (harry),  just sucks to get stiffed.