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If you read my other post I wanted advice about vintage Thorens TT.The  reason being I'm having a difficult time finding parts for my TTW Table. I was able to get the rubber O-Rings for the rim drive but suspect they are too hard. I am getting vibration from the attached motor and could hear it. Does anyone know where I can find the proper O-Rings and Belts for the table. I have a good amount of money invested in the table but cant tolerate background noise.
Go to McMaster Carr and pick the right size "silicone" o-ring. 
Thanks they have a large selection to choose from. I just have to figure out the size and hardness
@cjaronica Order several. Soft and medium and then you can try both. Measure all parameters like inner/outer diameter and thickness. Red color silicone ones are very high quality. 

Silicone is fairly soft and stretches. I would order one size as close as possible to what you measure and maybe another one a size smaller. 

They also carry o-rings made out of just about any rubber material. Prices are cheap and most items are in stock. It's a great place.
Thanks again. I think I do recall seeing a red and a clear on several of his tables.

I have a TTW  GemV2 with a 42 pound copper platter. This was a demo unit. I did get a brand new momentus motor and speed control.

if the motor pod is set too tight to the platter you will get motor vibration. tap  it out a bit just so it drives the platter. try and dress the oring with 1000 ,1500 grit emery paper. the more accurate the diameter, the more accurate and consistent  the speed will be. make sure the pulley is locked tight to the motor shaft, any wobble there will cause improper speed.

I actually changed the drive unit to the Teres  Verus pod and controller One of the best things I did for this table.

So here is a cheap tweak :)

  The Teres uses two little pads set off the centerline under the motor pod. this allows the pod to lean into the platter using gravity  to maintain an even consistent pressure. dressing the oring is much simplified as you just stick the emery between the platter and drive pulley, letting gravity apply the pressure. this results in accurate and consistant speed with all the goodness that comes from that.

Using the same principle of the Teres motor pod, I used 2 kitchen cabinet snubbers, those half moon stickon things you will find on most cabinet doors to cushion the impact of door to frame, just off the center line of the pod and let the pod lean into the platter, like the Teres system.

 More accurate and consistent speed control with simplified oring dressing.....sweet !

Now you do say "orings..does this mean you have the double oring spindle", or is it single ? mine is single, so the tweak is easy. with the double it would be slightly harder, but still  worth it to try .




And remember, there will always be noise with rim drive turntables. 

When you say noise, what is meant  by that ? there is no noise with my  rim drive


I have a TTW GEM Ultra table and found some O-rings on that I have just started to use.
014 Buna-N O-Ring, 70A Durometer, Black, 1/2" ID, 5/8" OD, 1/16" Width (Pack of 100)
It makes no noise and I am using it to see how durable it is.
I tried a red silicone one but it did produce a low hum so I went back to the rubber one.
$7.36 for 100 of them is cheap.

Thanks I will try to find them. I also have the duel belt drive that I am
 using now. Very quiet but a pain to get on.

I Just ordered the Buna O-Rings will let you know how they worked out. Thanks
I am using these o-rings with my copper platter Momentus TTW turntable. They are very close to the clear ones that were an option with the rim drive set up. I have had a lot of success with them. They are very quiet and last a long time. I see people are using 1/16" wide o-rings. Too thin, they will transfer noise to the platter. These are 1/8" wide which is what you want to use.
206 Polyurethane O-Ring, 70A Durometer, Round, Translucent, 1/2" ID, 3/4" OD, 1/8" Width (Pack of 5)
Thanks I have not found any rings yet that worked I will give theses a try
cjaronica OP
Was wondering how you made out with the o-rings that I recommend.
Good post. 
Thanks benjie I just received them. Will try them out next weeks.
Hi benjie I tried the o ring you recommended they also transmitted noise from the motor into arm and cartridge. I did find belts that are working great  and will continue to use the table in belt drive. I remember the o rings Larry sent as being much softer.

Sorry to hear the o rings did not work out. You are right about them being a little harder than the clear ones that Larry sold. These are 70A durometer which is the same hardness as the red o rings that came with many of TTW's tables. I think the special clear ones that Larry sold were 50A. I could not find anyone who was making that size and spec.

One thing to check, ( I am sure you already know this ) that the drive motor is not too close to the ring on the platter. That o ring should barely touch the outer ring attached to the platter. I know that if the motor is tight up against the platter you will get a significant amount of noise through the tonearm. It is a pain to get setup correctly but when it is done right, its sound is magic !