TTW CopperHead Center Weight

Last week I purchased the new CopperHead center weight from TTW. I own several weights made from all different materials, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, carbon fiber and wood. This is my first copper weight. Visually, the weight is stunning! A real piece of eye candy for your turntable. Beautiful machine work! But I did not buy it for its looks, I bought it for its sound.

I tested the CopperHead against all of the weights that I own and it was apparent that the CopperHead out performed all of them. Bass response is increased with all of the weights, but the real test is what the weight does to the mid-range and highs of the recording. Most weights smear the sound leaving the music flat and heavy sounding. With the CopperHead the mid's and highs became more pronounced and alive. There was also an increase in inner detail and a more quiet background.

Now the acid test. My best sounding center weight is the Furutech Monza. Made of stainless steel and carbon fiber. No weight has ever come close to its performance. For me it is the benchmark weight. I spent 2 days comparing the 2 weights and in a blind test, I could not distinguish between the 2 weights. The CopperHead matched the performance of the Monza in every detail. The nice thing about doing listening tests with center weights is that you can test on the fly. While the album is playing you can switch the weights and instantly hear the benefits or losses of the weight.

Price wise the Furutech Monza is $600 and the TTW CopperHeaed is about half that. It is hard to pick a winner. Both weights are top performers! The price is the only difference that separates the two.
Why hard to choose? The price difference makes it a no brainer. Which leads to why some people in our hobby very often will choose a higher priced component when there is no discernible difference in the sound each unit produces. In the end, spending more money just makes them feel better about themselves. Most people would call it craziness. You decide.
Benje, Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the two weights. Do they both use some form of reflex washer or spacer under the record at the spindle? If so, what type of material is used for the spacer? My Galibier Gavia came with a 6 lb weight made of aluminum and filled with oil and lead shot. It changes the sound rather significantly but I ended up preferring the sound without the weight. However, a different weight might give different results.
Both the CopperHead and the Monza do not use any reflex washer or spacer underneath them. The two weights use different concepts on their bases. The CopperHead has a precision machined base and the Monza's base is carbon fiber concentric rings. Both manufactures use different approaches to achieve similar results.
Buconero117, the reason I said it is hard to choose is because of the weight difference between the 2 center weights. The CopperHead is over 3 lbs and the Monza is 12 oz. The CopperHead can only be used on tables without suspensions. The Monza because of its light weight can be used with almost any turntable. I was looking at it as a long term commitment. The Monza gives you a little more flexibility but does cost more.

I need to make a correction on my post above about the Monza base, its concentric rings are a Piezo Electric damping material and the top and midsection have carbon fiber inlays.
Now Larry's Copperhead costs $427. Though not as massive, here is a more moderately price one for $165 at 2.2 lbs.
I see that Larry still sells them on AG for $333.