TT Weight Outer Ring vs VPI Ring

Has anyone here directly compared the TT Weights mega ring made of nickel and copper to the VPI ring outer ring. If so, what differences did you hear?
Adding to my initial post, I was wondering how the TT Weights mega ring at 2.3 lbs could out perform the VPI outer ring with a weight of 7 lbs.
Do the materials used and the precise machining on the TT Weights outer ring make a difference over the stock VPI ring?
I used to own a TTWeights all copper ring that Larry claimed smoked the VPI ring. He also touted copper as an ideal material (and superior to steel) for a periphery ring. I find it funny that, at least looking at their website, TTWeights does not appear to make all-copper rings anymore. So right off the bat, I'd be weary of any claims about the superiority of the ring or "our best yet." But I'm digressing. Now, even though I cannot directly answer your question, I can share my experience with the TTW ring I used to own and the VPI ring I own now that might hopefully help address your questions, even if indirectly.

I got the ring in the first place mostly due to concerns about warps and their detrimental effect on my cartridge. The TTW ring certainly did a nice job on warps. The effect on the sound was more subtle, but it certainly wasn't a negative one. At the time I purchased the TTW ring I could not imagine spending more than twice the money on the VPI ring, so for a much lower price, the TTW ring was an excellent alternative and I was very happy with it. The new owner of the ring is also very happy with it. So for those who can't afford to spend $700 for an accessory, the cheaper TTW rings are a great alternative to more expensive rings such as the VPI ring.

I decided that I would replace my TTWeights ring--when I could afford it--with the VPI ring when a friend of mine brought his VPI ring with him for a listening session at my house. I found the effect on the sound was more pronounced - the sound more focused, improved clarity and separation, more defined bass. I also liked the heft of the VPI ring better, which was no surprise since the VPI ring was at least twice as heavy. In addition, even though the TTW rings come with the centering plate that makes placement a breeze, I really liked the design of the VPI ring that simply fits snugly around the platter.

So even though I can't say how the TTW mega ring sounds in comparison to the VPI ring, I can't imagine it betters the VPI ring, which has stood the test of time and has a fantastic synergy with the VPI tables that can accommodate it. It's possible that Larry might at some point create a superior product, but it seems to me TTW keeps experimenting with materials and many of their claims are simply marketing tactics as you would expect of course.

The VPI ring definitely does not weigh 7 lbs :)

Why would Harry lie about the 7 pounds? Could it be it is a shipping weight? I digress. I have a TTW on my Aries I since the VPI would not accommodate this model. I am happy with the sound improvement it has made. The centering plate is a god send. I understand that VPI is now sourcing rings from China at greatly reduced cost. Harry is a fox.
Actusreus: I have no experience with either product. I've just followed them with great interest. My thinking is that TTWs produced their initial products from copper because they felt it was the better material, although harder to machine. I assume now that copper is not cost effective for them to produce, hence the change. I give TTWs credit for the initial product.
VPI, I assume produced their ring with profit as the overiding factor from the beginning.

VPI does not provide the weigh of the ring on its website so I'm not sure where the OP got this information from. I of course did not mean to imply in any way that Harry lied about the weight. Since I have the ring, I can tell you it does not weigh seven pounds though.

Interesting about sourcing the rings from China now. How did you find that out? If it's true, I'm disappointed. VPI always prided itself on making everything in the USA. Plus the ring's price was increased by $100 in the last year or so.
You might be right. Certainly many factors and considerations go into making a product, the profit margin being most important to most, if not all, manufacturers. But I can say with confidence that the TTW all-copper ring did not outperform the VPI ring so I'd be skeptical about any such claims regarding newer rings. After all, it's an accessory and any effect on the sound in a well-balanced system should be relatively subtle to begin with. I'm sure the mega ring does what it is designed to do well. It might just come down to personal preference with respect to price, ease of use, and aesthetics.
Hi guys,
I am certainly no expert on turntables and their tweaks, but could it just possibly be the difference in the weight of the two rings that makes most of the difference in their sound? More weight equal more resonance dampening? I've experimented with different record weights and clamps and have found the heavier weights make the most improvement in the sound, at least on my 'table anyway. I guess an argument could be made in regards to what material the weights/rings are made out of as to which is superior in resonace dampening but who knows? I'm not sure. Any thoughts on this?
I have a TTW copper ring; 600 gram one I think. I used it at the same time as a VPI ring. The VPI, being much heavier, flattened warps better but I thought the overall performance was fairly close. The VPI is quite heavy and harder to use than the TTW. Since I am a VPI dealer and not a TTW dealer I am not biased against the VPI, it does a good job. Either will improve the sound of most records.
I am having some significant woofer thumping issues with my system.
The problem is excentuated because my phono preamp goes down to very low frequencies. Older arc pre didn't do this. Records that appear flat have just the slightest difference where you can see a slight gap between the platter and the record. It reduces significantly as the arm gets farther into the record. This even pumps on flat blue note 45s - sped

I have two options - reconfigure the roll off on the pre or buy a clamp for the table

I have a galibrier gavia table. Triplaner vii arm
Doshi alaap preamp

Thanks for the insight