TT wall mount height

Has anyone using a wall mount for their experimented with the height of the platform (from the floor). Obviously, too low is inconvenient, and if too high one can't reach. What about in between? Assuming the the mounting will occur "traditionally" behind and between speakers, near other components, what positioning has worked best for anyone?
It doesn't matter, as long as it's convenient for you to use.

One consideration that does matter, though, is what type of wall you are mounting to. Generally speaking, you want to use a masonry wall, which would typically be found along the outside perimeter of most homes.
On these Wall mounts you want it waist hight and be sure you get the 2x4's on each end.You will need a stud finder for this.
I have no trouble finding studs, I need only look in the mirror. Hardy Har Har.

Seriously, though, I have had this mounted before but I am moving into a new house this week. I had it mounted at about shoulder level previously and wondered is there was any "optimal" level, other than for convenience, before drilling and driving the lag bolts again.
You should mount it such that the TT is at a bass null to minimize airborne vibrations.