TT upgrade for me

Thinking about upgrading my Pro-ject RPM 1.  Months ago I posted on here about adding a higher end cartridge than the Sumiko Pearl but suggestions here led me to believe that would be a waste on the lowly RPM.  So I am now considering just getting a new table.  Fully Manual and no Phono stage required.

  Local dealer has these units in my price range:

VPI Clffwood
TEchnics SL-1500Pro-Ject Expression 1xRega Planer 3
Comments appreciated

SOTA Sapphire, and never look back again. I’m convinced my SOTA is my last and final table. May get refurbished and upgraded, but doubtful to be outright replaced. Don’t ever see the need.

LOL......I thought about it. Had many discussions with Uber....
LOL......I thought about it.
Although, if you have springy floors, Sota may be better choice. Especially if you jump around with a baton! The 401 excels on concrete floor.
@jbuhl Is this for the wine bar? If so, the Sota may be the right choice. It is impervious to banging, thumping, vibration and knocks. 
Surface is purdy solid and so is floor.  One nice thing about 60 year old house.   What about the SOTA Moon Beam?  Thats in my budget.
The SOTA Sapphire’s isolation isn’t just about footfalls, but also about its overall sonic performance. Nothing phases it. Quiet as all get out. That said, in my 90 year old house, the isolation from the floor is much appreciated as well.

I’m sure the Moon Beam is a fine table, but not a Sapphire.

I bought my SOTA table used for the cost of the Moon Beam, then spent the same amount on an arm, and the same amount again on the 3x the Moon Beam cost with cartridge. Sometimes you can get lucky and find a complete Sapphire for less, but you gotta keep your eyes peeled.

For $1,200 there is a lot of competition out there. You might look at the MoFi Studio Deck.
Hard to go wrong with a SOTA. They have a very intelligent design philosophy of using different materials with different specific vibration control properties optimized for each location. There is no such thing as a table you can just plop down in every situation and what is under it won't matter. They can all be improved simply by putting them on a more stable vibration free base. That said, to the extent it is a concern you're probably miles ahead with a SOTA as compared to something like a lightweight Rega way over on the other end of the scale.
I've used SOTA Star and Cosmos tables sitting in basic racks on wooden floors in 90 year old houses, and the both proved almost impervious to footfall effects, which is amazing given the floor bounce potential.

I moved the Cosmos onto a Herzan active vibration cancelling table and was surprised at the level of improvement that wrought (to second millercarbon's observation).