TT upgrade advice?

Hello. I am looking for some advice about my current turntable. Right now I have a Pioneer PL-514 table with a Shure M97xe cart. I got it from a friend whose father has been storing it for many years. I took it apart, cleaned & lubed, set it all up & it sounds awesome. I'm officially hooked on vinyl.

Problem is though, I know vinyl can sound better. So my question is, if i only had $800-1000 to spend on a table/cart/arm, what would be ideal for that price range? Upgrade the cart & arm on my current table or start with a new one altogether?

The rest of my system is a Jolida 502B integrated amp, Jolida JD9 phono, & Klipsch RF52 speakers. Thanks for your input & advice!
I suggest a used Denon 47F paired with a Denon 103 cartridge. Cost could be about $600. Initially I would move the m97 over to this unit, if your pleased skip the 103. Do not buy any 47F unless you can do a pickup of the unit. Shipping will give you grief. This gives you the opportunity to check out its operation. I use that table as a second table, a VPI is my first unit, and it has a $2K cartridge. Believe me, you will be pleased as the comparison of my two tables often is equal in sound.
I'd consider the Rega RP-3 and a Bias MKII Cart. those total 1065.00 but just about any dealer will drop at least 10% to make a customer.
Thanks for the info! I prefer the look of the older tables compared to the regas/music halls etc. I like my pioneer, I'm just really hooked on vinyl & would like to get the best performance possible within my budget. How would that table compare to say an older technics 1200 or other vintage table in that range?
I have a Denon 47F which I'd be willing to sell. I bought it in college and it has been in the original box since 1988, unused. It's in great shape, though I don't know about the Denon cartridge. If you want to inspect before a local pick up, I live in the Boston area. Thanks for the unexpected opening, Buconero. To others, sorry for the sales pitch.
Interesting...I live in Iowa so pickup wouldn't be an option lol. Just curious, what would that table go for? I can't find a used one anywhere.
I recommend a Technics SL-1200 or l1210. If you ever have problems and sooner or later you will have problems with an older TT's, parts are still available. Their are lots of user installed tweaks. The darn things and built like a brick you know whats. I use a 1210 and my only issue is looks. The darn thing is ugly compared to what would be called audiophile TT's.

Good Luck
The music hall tables are very nice plug and play. The mmf5.1 sounds very good.
Geoff85, vinyl is a recorded vibration and it takes good design and physics in a turtable to extract the dynamic range and bass out of a groove. Micro level chassis vibrations distort the vibration actually produced at the stylus, causing you a boring sound. Look to a rebuilt Thorens or a new Rega. Grado is a sure bet for an under $200MM choice, just don't put one on a light weight tonearm as their suspension is stiffer than a Shure. Above $300 for a cartridge high output MC's beckon with siren tones and more forgiving surface noise playback.
I'd second the Rega model 3. It's the quintessential step-up from those direct drive type 70's tables. When I first heard a Rega P-3 in 1986 compared to a Denon d.d. table and cart, the difference was night and day audible. I was sold and kept that table into 2000.
You can't talk about TT upgrades without taking a look at Pro-Ject. They have several models in your price range which would represent an upgrade for you, with cart options. I love mine and when I upgrade it will likely be another Pro-Ject.
Rega-get a new one.
Thanks for everyone's input! My biggest problem I'm having basically is, for my budget, vintage vs. new. From what I'm reading a solid vintage table with the right cart & setup can out perform most sub $1000 new tables if I'm reading correctly. I do enjoy my pioneer table & may just stick a nicer cart on there for now & wait until I can afford to step into a VPI table or a higher rega.